Writing Articles: The Golden Touch of Link Strategies

Everyone in the SEO community is aware of the importance of an effective link building strategy, but Google’s recent algorithm updates have altered the playing field.

Greater emphasis is currently placed on one-way incoming links, while reciprocal links are given much less weight. The crucial question is, “How can I obtain a substantial number of one-way links?”

Writing articles for website publication is by far the simplest method. The concept is simple and effective because webmasters crave page content. In exchange for free content, webmasters agree to publish your profile, which includes a link to your website.

It should not be understated how effective this can be, but there are certain guidelines that must be followed for success. If you are new to article writing and wish to profit from this valuable strategy, the following instructions are for you.

First, the majority of article directories to which you intend to submit your article will have guidelines; read and adhere to them. If not, your article will be rejected, and you will have wasted your time.

Articles submitted to article directories must be grammatically correct and proofread for spelling errors. Many directories employ human editors who reject articles with improper grammar or spelling. Avoid this by writing your article in Microsoft Word or a similar program with grammar and spelling checking enabled.

Keep your paragraphs brief. According to research, internet users are turned off by large blocks of text. A greater number of webmasters will read and possibly publish your article if it contains brief paragraphs.

Some directories prohibit the inclusion of tables and lists within articles. Webmasters will format your article to their specifications regardless. For the same reason, avoid using bold and italic fonts.

Ensure you are writing informative and useful content; otherwise, no one will want to publish it. Also, as your goal is to acquire links to your website, you should create content that is relevant to your website’s content.

Attempt to create an engaging title for your article. Something that clearly states the article’s subject matter, but also stands out. This distinguishes your article from the thousands on the same topic.

By publishing articles on the Internet, you establish yourself as an authority on a particular topic. Incorporate this into your profile. Also, make sure your profile contains a live link. The anchor text for this link should include the page’s primary keywords.

If you adhere to these straightforward guidelines, you will achieve success.

I suggested earlier in this article that you compose your article in a word processor so that it can be checked for grammar and spelling. However, the finished article must be copied and pasted into Notepad or an equivalent text editor.

This is because copying from a word processor document will result in the copying of hidden characters, which article directories do not want. Copy into a text-only editor and ensure that word wrap is disabled.

If word wrap is enabled, the article will contain hard line breaks, which are rejected by some directories.

Now, all you need to do is submit your article to article directories.

Use your preferred search engine to perform a search for article directories to discover many more.
The more submissions you make, the greater your success will be.

Best wishes and get writing!

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