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Internet is a great resource to help you streamline your business. Organizations, regardless of size, must conduct Internet research for a variety of reasons, such as gaining competitive intelligence, finding new markets for their products and services, statistics on marketing plans, etc. Web research requires time and effort, so successful organisations hire virtual research assistants. 

A Virtual Research Assistant is a remote worker who conducts Internet research on the basis of the needs of their clients and sends data to their clients after compilation. Due to the various cost factors involved, it is difficult to hire a full-time employee to perform tasks such as Internet research. Instead of hiring a virtual assistant, the assistant you hire will work remotely on your delegated tasks. You won’t have to incur additional costs, such as insurance, computer, furniture, etc. As a result, many firms / entrepreneurs prefer to hire a virtual assistant to work for them from a remote location without consuming their limited resources. The assistant you hire is going to do all the groundwork. Today, several firms and sole owners prefer to hire a virtual assistant and significantly reduce costs.

What Can A Freelance Virtual Research Assistant Do For You?

I am here to help you find the most reliable and recent Market, Web and industry data to keep your business growing and taking it to the next level. I have experience in researching, accompanying and analyzing various topics. I have the required competence and resources to conduct different types of Online research.

Research virtual assistant can be used to fulfil a wide range of requirements and can help you with the services below.

Company Information and Research

Tracking corporate information may feel like looking for a needle in a large corn field , especially if you are dealing with a small private company with no history of public disclosure. Depending on the size, industry or location of the company, some sources will be good, while others will not be good. Small and private firms tend to be more difficult to research. 

Important information can be found on the website of the company, Social Media, LinkedIn, Google and Google News.

Data Processing & Management Service

Fast and accurate processing of data is the key to the success of any organisation. Efficient processing and management of the data your business collects and produces can save valuable time and money, enabling you to focus on the success of your business

Usually a large number of data management solutions are required, whether offline data entry or online data entry, converting your hard copy documents to soft copies, documenting legal documents or forms, invoices, or collecting customer / vendor information and data capture services for unstructured document management.

We provide a range of data processing services, such as:

  • Address standardization, corrections, changes
  • Address verification
  • Data Analysis
  • Data entry and data capture services
  • Data Mining
  • Data verification
  • Database management
  • Data cleansing

General Vendor Research

We provide vendor research for global clients, based on in-depth market analysis, characterising trends and appropriate vendors to partner with. We can quickly provide a short list of potential suppliers who meet your requirements, analyse their process and delivery capabilities, obtain quotes for a fully specified product or process, review their finances, and search for any other critical information.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of finding and analysing search terms that people enter search engines with the aim of using that data for a specific purpose, often for search engine optimization ( SEO) or general marketing purposes. Keyword research can uncover the target queries, the popularity of these queries, their ranking difficulties, and more.

The foundation of any successful online marketing campaign is comprehensive keyword analysis, along with the successful implementation of a keyword strategy. Armed with the right keyword research information, you can effectively determine the best course of action for on-page optimisation, site structure and content development. Smart, well-honoured keyword strategy is the foundation of online visibility and profitable internet marketing. A good way to do this is by hiring professional keyword analysis services.

Keyword analysis and targeting would have an effect on every aspect of your website. The keywords and keyword strategy that you select would be the guiding force behind any internet marketing decision. The right keyword choices, combined with proper tracking, testing and assessment, will help you create a profitable enterprise. But the wrong choices, or lack of ongoing research and proper search for SEO keywords, will set you up for failure.

Online Data Collection Services

Data collection refers to the method of scrapping, collecting and loading data from various tools, including online and offline sources. Data collection is time consuming , costly and even the data collected might be messy as it often changes. The information collected depends on the data needed and includes information such as contact number, contact person’s name, address, postal code, product details, prices, etc.

We’re armed with all our comprehensive web research and data processing skills.

Data collection services: