What Is the Difference Between Online and Offline Selling?

Online selling is distinct from “offline” selling between individuals. When selling online, that natural two-way dialogue is not possible. Visitors to your site are exposed to a one-way interpretation of your message, which can feel impersonal.

Take a look for yourself. What do you see if you look at the home pages of nine out of ten websites?

Online variations on the standard cold-calling or sales script: “We are… and we do…”

Why is this an issue? Because these websites offer their solutions long before visitors have any sense of being understood and long before they have any sense of trust in what they are viewing.

Visitors come to websites with a specific problem in mind and are looking for solutions.

Solving the problems of one-way communication, impersonality, and lack of trust is simpler than you might believe.

All you have to do is put yourself in the shoes of your website visitor, articulate their specific issues or concerns, and gently offer solutions they can choose from without feeling “sold.”

The following are some easy ways to warm up your site and get as close as possible to a natural two-way dialogue:

* Do you recall the module “Written Word” from the Self-Study Program?

Avoid excessive use of “I” or “We” on your home page or at the start of written messages.

Rather than immediately promoting your product as the first thing visitors see on your home page, for example, use language that addresses problems you are confident you can solve.

Declare those issues, and you’ll notice that your visitors will become more absorbed in your site.

* Lay out a logical path through your site, allowing visitors to make their own judgments about what is best for them.

* Demonstrate your solutions to your visitors so they can see for themselves that you are capable of resolving their problems or issues. Downloads, “test drives,” and other “free samples” allow visitors to interact with your solution in real time and gain confidence in it.

* Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I’m constantly amazed at how few website owners appear to desire communication with the potential customers who visit their website. However, have you ever visited a website to order a product or service and instead called the toll-free number? Have you ever considered why you did what you did? Perhaps it was because you could communicate with the live person taking your order, which increased your sense of trust.

Therefore, make yourself available to site visitors by including a Live Chat or Push To Talk button on your website (see below).

Communicate directly with website visitors as they enter the virtual world you’ve created for them.

Nothing beats a two-way conversation for humanising the online experience.

I love it when visitors click on my Live Chat or Push To Talk button and we establish that critical personal connection.

Put it to the test on your website. You’ll enjoy conversing with website visitors because you’ll be able to assist them in resolving their issues.

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