Water with a Private Label and Event Planning

Corporate life is heavily reliant on events. A well-planned event can effectively communicate a company’s message and engage participants in the company’s culture.

The majority of businesses and organizations host events for a variety of reasons. Company picnics, holiday parties, new product launches, sales and planning meetings, and annual shareholder meetings are just a few of the events that commemorate the organization’s milestones. These meetings require extensive planning and resources, and many organizations choose to hire event management specialists.

Event planning is a time-consuming process that requires coordination of vendor delivery schedules and adhering to strict timeline requirements. Along with the logistics of planning the meeting, most planners create a theme that encapsulates the meeting’s essence and purpose. The theme provides continuity and serves as a future reminder of the event.

The Theme’s Importance

A common theme unites participants and enables event organizers to communicate a powerful message about the event. Typically, the theme is expressed in communications, promotional materials, and event-related documents. Effective theme communication is critical to the event’s success. Given the breadth of available themes for any event, care must be taken to select the most appropriate theme for the occasion and to effectively communicate the theme to the audience.

Promotional Products and Effective Communication

The theme is a critical component of communication. Effective communication requires a message that is consistent with the company’s overall theme message. One method of communication is through the use of customized promotional items, eye-catching banners, and one-of-a-kind giveaways. These items can be customized to communicate a message effectively, and the use of high-quality personalized giveaways leaves a lasting impression and reinforces the event theme.

Water with a Private Label as an Effective Promotional Item

Private label bottled water is an excellent and highly effective way to promote an event theme. In essence, private labeling enables businesses to create a label with a customized message and theme and then attach it to a bottle of healthy drinking water. As a result of this process, a concise message tailored to the event is created and promoted.

Because the bottled water product is immediate and permanent, consumable advertising is created that leaves a lasting message in the mind of the event participant.

Several advantages of private labeled water include the following:

• A message that is high-quality, effective, and unique.

• Messages can be customized to reflect specific events such as corporate meetings, new product launches, and promotions.

• Because individual users frequently carry the water, the event message is extended and promoted.

• Pure water is widely regarded as beneficial to health and is universally accepted as such. As usage increases, the private label’s message effectively reaches a larger number of prospects.

• The effective cost is low, and the event message is immediately responded to.

• Consumable, portable advertising conveys a message and leaves a lasting impression.

Consider the Following When Choosing a Private Label Water Supplier

There are numerous private label water suppliers, but their product offerings vary significantly in terms of quality. When selecting a supplier, three factors should be considered:

1. Water Quality

Events with a large number of participants necessitate proper hydration with high-quality water. High-quality water, both in terms of health and taste, is also critical for the theme and event message to be accepted. If the water is of poor quality or has an unpleasant taste, the message will be lost. Today’s finest water is purified through a distillation/filtration/oxygenation process that eliminates all impurities, including bacteria, and imparts a light, refreshing taste.

2. Label Design and Production Quality

The label is the product’s message, and low-quality labels send a low-quality message. Producing a substandard label is a waste of money and has a detrimental effect on the message and theme.

It is critical to understand that the vast majority (almost all) of private label opportunities in this country come from water resellers (not bottlers) using desktop-model “thermal” (or “thermal wax”) printing devices of a quality that cannot be compared to even consumer-grade inkjet printing devices widely available for less than $200 at your neighborhood electronics store. These label printers are extremely affordable in terms of both quality and price, typically ranging between $10,000 and $20,000 depending on configuration, and are widely used in the private label water industry due to their low cost.

In stark contrast, a high-quality label, i.e., one that resembles a top-shelf brand found in a gourmet grocery store, must be produced using professional-grade equipment and printing equipment. Three distinct types of printing equipment are available for producing a high-quality label.

1. Lithography by rotary offset;

(2) Flexography;

3. Digital presses of the highest quality.

For the majority of smaller runs (under about 10,000 units), digital equipment from Heidelberg or HP is the most cost effective solution, but the minimum equipment costs for these professional solutions range from $750k to $1.25M per station, rather than $10-20k.

These facts are critical to understand when selecting a private label bottler — because those who sell low-quality labels would have you believe that nothing better is available due to private label customers’ short run requirements. Nothing could be more erroneous.

To succeed, your label must be professionally designed and printed on high-quality materials using a high-quality printing process. Additionally, waterproof lamination is necessary for long-lasting labels. This is easily accomplished at a low unit cost by utilizing the appropriate equipment for the job.

3. Customer Service Quality

The process of designing and manufacturing private labeled drinking water is intricate and requires close collaboration between the customer and supplier. Communication and a culture of excellence in customer service are necessary components of developing an effective theme message and staging a successful event. Without a significant commitment by the supplier to customer service, the theme message’s impact will be negligible.

Select a reputable supplier to assist you in developing and communicating your message, as well as in ensuring the success of your corporate event.

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