Track the Success of Your Ads

Track the Success of Your Ads

where you place your advertisements. Experiment by altering the copy, tweaking the appearance, rearranging the layout, and testing the placement of your advertisement.

Modifying The Copy

Consider a variety of different headlines for your advertisement. Even a small change in the wording can have a significant effect on the response rate. Evaluate various draughts of your copy to determine the most effective wording.

Tweaking The Appearances

Change the font style, size, and colour of the font. Emphasize key words and phrases by italicising, bolding, changing their colour, and highlighting them. Add a border, change the border colour, and/or change the border style. Experiment with various combinations of these to determine which combination works best.

Arrangement of the Layout

Rearrange the components of your advertisement to determine if this has an effect on the response rate. Add a brief testimonial or two to see if it makes a difference. Consider including multiple call to action links.

Examining The Installation

Monitor and test the response rate to your advertisement. An advertisement in one e-zine may generate 100 clicks, while another may generate only 50. You’ll want to know where your advertising dollars are getting the best response.

You’ll want to track your advertisements for the following four reasons:

1. To economise.

If you understand where you receive the best response, you can avoid wasting money on advertising in areas where you receive a low response.

2. For the purpose of maximising your profit.

While advertising in one location may generate a higher response rate than advertising in another, you must consider the cost of each advertisement. If you receive 200 responses from one advertising source at a cost of $4.00 per response, it may be more cost effective to advertise in a place where you receive 100 responses at a cost of $1.00 per response.

3. To optimise your advertisements.

By testing various versions of your advertisement, you can determine the most effective one. To conduct a true test of a particular advertisement, you must know how many people saw it, how many people acted on it, and the outcome of that action. (For instance, your advertisement was seen by 1000 people, 100 of whom clicked on your advertisement’s link and two of whom purchased your product.)

4. To determine what works and what does not work.

You’ll want to know which elements of your advertisement work and which do not. This can only be determined by tracking different versions of your advertisement.

While it is critical to know how many people click on your advertisement and how many sales you generate, you will also want to know how much each click and sale costs you. To maximise your Return On Investment (ROI), keep the following in mind:

1. The number of unique visitors generated by each advertisement or promotion.

2. The number of sales generated by each advertisement or promotion.

3. Determine which advertisement or promotion drives the most traffic to your website.

4. Each advertisement or promotion’s cost per click and cost per sale.

5. The Click to Sales Ratio, which indicates the quality of your traffic.

6. The return on investment for each advertisement or promotion.

Additionally, you’ll want to monitor the source of your traffic. You may receive traffic from an e-zine advertisement, a forum post, or a banner advertisement. One of these sources may send you a lot of traffic, while another may send you very little or none at all. By tracking each advertisement and promotion you run, you can determine where to focus your advertising efforts, saving you both time and money.

Approximately 1 of your competitors. Simultaneously, you will increase your bottom line by eliminating wasteful advertising.

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