Three Simple Steps To Success That Anyone Can Follow

Success is defined differently by each individual. Whatever your definition of success is, this article will assist you in accomplishing your objectives.

If you define success in terms of a satisfying job or a profitable self-employed business, this article may prove to be a watershed moment in your life. As you read, I will share some of my success strategies that I have successfully implemented in my own online business.

What Does It Mean To Be A Leader?

During my time as an Army Staff Sergeant in the United States Army, I learned valuable lessons about leading teams to project completion. I discovered that by following the example of successful leaders, one can develop the confidence and skill set necessary to succeed as a leader.

Effective leaders quickly distinguish themselves from the masses of people who simply exist day to day, doing the bare minimum to keep their job. In other words, leaders distinguish themselves from a crowd of managers and employees.

While the Army made a concerted effort to develop leadership qualities in all of its members, the reality is that leaders are those who choose to go the extra mile and build a better future for themselves and those around them.

A good leader is simply someone who “assists” you in becoming the best version of yourself possible by teaching you how to “assist” other people in becoming successful as well.

A Single Choice Can Alter Your Destiny

Are you prepared to wait?

Are you waiting for “me” to reveal the key to success to “you”?

Now is the time for “you” to make a choice.

You must make the conscious decision to stop waiting for success to find you. Success will not fall from the sky and land in your open arms. That is not how it works.

To achieve success, you must “decide.” If you wait for success, it will never come. However, once you recognize that success is waiting for you and resolve to pursue it regardless of the circumstances, you will have altered your destiny for the better.

Follow In The Footsteps Of Those You Aspire To Be Like

While serving in the United States Army, I learned how to seek out leaders willing to share their secrets to success with me. I actively sought out individuals who could assist me in developing into a more effective leader.

Even outside of the Army, I encountered numerous opportunities to meet people who radiated leadership qualities and were willing to share their own secrets to success with me.

The truth is that some people may doubt their own capacity to share, but they are mistaken. Everyone has something valuable to impart to others, but it takes a rare individual to recognize that a leader’s role is to impart to others what “they” take for granted.

An Entire Life’s Worth Of Learning Over Lunch

I recently had lunch with a gentleman who is probably responsible for selling the most cars in our area. If someone inquires about a great car dealer in our local metropolitan market, his name is almost always mentioned.

My lunch partner was aware that I had a successful website and that I was interested in learning more about what it takes to succeed from him.

His first words, to my surprise, were, “Clinton, I am not sure what I can offer you that would be beneficial. I sell automobiles, and that is all I do. You run some sort of online business, and I have no idea how you make money.”

My lunch companion continued, “I appreciate the invitation to share lunch with you, but our businesses are so dissimilar. I would have no idea where to begin advising you.”

Despite his initial reluctance, we had a wonderful meal and I learned a lot! I could literally write several articles based on the information he imparted to me over lunch.

If You Want To Be Rich, Listen To Wealthy Individuals

I enjoy associating with people who have achieved success in their fields, both online and offline. I have learned a great deal about growing my business by paying close attention to those who have defined their industries.

Even online, there are certain individuals to whom I pay special attention. Each conversation teaches me something new that I can apply to my own online business. These tidbits of information combined have aided in my website’s growth from one in millions to one that has served over a million visitors.

Three Simple Repeatable Steps To Success

My car dealer friend finally abandoned the notion that he was incapable of assisting anyone outside his own industry, and we had a wonderful conversation.

When I asked him what the secret was to selling cars, he summarized it in three steps:

Communicate with your customers.

When you understand your customers’ needs, you can determine the most effective way to assist them in resolving their problems and achieving their goals.

Continued Follow-Up. People rarely make a purchase on their first visit, which is why it is critical to follow up with them. When purchasing large-ticket items, individuals tend to shop around slightly more. When you follow-up with a customer, you are frequently establishing a relationship. When all is said and done, if two products are nearly identical, it is frequently the customer’s relationship with the salesperson that “seals the deal.”

Persist. Persistence is not synonymous with being pushy. Persistence entails following up once, twice, three times, and more frequently as necessary. If a salesperson is obviously “only” concerned with his or her own interests, persistence may be interpreted as pushy. However, if your goal is to be persistent in order to assist the customer in resolving their problems and achieving their objectives, persistence is a quality to be admired.

Each Day Brings New Knowledge

Last year, Bill Platt of The Phantom Writers taught me the same lesson. Bill constantly reminds me that the key to online success is “consistency.” He asserts that we must communicate with potential customers and maintain contact with them on a consistent basis.

The same lesson was taught to me by John Reese of Marketing Secrets. He emphasized the importance of developing a newsletter or auto-responder series in order to initiate and maintain an ongoing conversation with prospective customers. Additionally, Reese taught me to track the results of everything I do for my business (follow-up).

Since I began my website in 2001, I have noticed that all of my mentors repeat the same lessons in their own language.

All of my mentors continue to advise me to communicate with my customers, to follow-up, and to be persistent in communicating with them.

With so many successful individuals sharing their wisdom with me, I tend to pay attention.

Concluding Thoughts

It makes no difference if you want to use this information to advance your career or start an online business.

Make your choice today; choose success. And then apply the golden rule of assisting others in achieving their goals, following up, and remaining persistent in your efforts.

If you play your cards right, you might be the mentor we all want to listen to and appreciate in a few years.