The Success of your Website Relies on Content as King.

Of course, there is a great deal to learn about creating and maintaining a Web site, which is why, I believe, most newcomers tend to put their faith in a web designer, also known as a webmaster, and leave them to get on with things in the hopes that everything will go smoothly. Big Mistake!

When you discover, after spending a significant amount of money, that your pride and joy is not producing the desired results, alarm bells may begin to ring. This took approximately four years to sink in for me. After a promising start that included inquiries from the other side of the globe, the situation not only did not improve but actually deteriorated!

Obviously, if you are running and developing a new business, which requires an enormous amount of time and effort, you don’t have much time to worry about the success of your website at first. In any case, a website will make you a billionaire faster than you can spell the full form of SEO! Big Mistake!

I believe it is just as important to devote sufficient time to learning how a website is created, promoted, and maintained as it is to devote time to the numerous other aspects of a startup business.

In the past, many new business owners, including myself, believed that having a website, an online presence, and a webmaster would be sufficient. The number of visitors and sales would increase exponentially. Not So!

The rate of change online is probably faster than most businesses realize, so if you intend to build a website AND conduct a reasonable amount of business from it, you must study and learn a number of fundamentals.

1. Key word Before you begin building your website, you should conduct extensive research, as this will aid in the selection of a domain name and the titles and scope of your eventual articles.

Original and current content relevant to your prospective field is required and must be uploaded on a regular basis. Unless you are a very large company with an in-house webmaster, this is the most important aspect of designing a website for good search engine rankings.

Writing new pages can be very time consuming, and if you don’t have a suitable S.M.S. package installed that enables you to become your own webmaster, it’s highly likely that you will begin the slow but inexorable slide to oblivion, also known as Zero traffic.

4. Construct your site, but become your own webmaster by taking a crash course on the dos and don’ts. You must have the capability to control what occurs on your website. If you neglect this crucial aspect of website development, you will likely lose interest and stop generating new ideas and content.

5. Learning to write your own content, even if it seems difficult at first, is another essential skill that must be honed, and believe me, once you get started, it will become easier with each passing day. Observing how other websites function and the quality of their content will aid you along the way.

Submitting articles on your area of expertise to a number of credible Directories will almost immediately garner attention and begin to establish your credibility. These can be modified for use as web pages and will provide an endless supply of content ideas. Recent experience has taught me that articles can have a significant positive impact on search engine results. Credibility is a quality that can never be in excess.

Search engine optimization is a very fancy term, and there are nearly as many so-called experts as there are websites on the Internet and as many Web site designers! This is a difficult topic that is best left to the experts, who should handle the behind-the-scenes work. However, I believe that the best results come from regularly posting fresh and original content on your website. In terms of link popularity, my blog, which has existed for only two months, is outperforming my website, which has been online for five years. This is due to the regular publication of articles on my chosen topic.

A newsletter or e-zine is an excellent way to increase traffic to your website and build your subscriber list, which you can convert into clients, customers, and sales. Offering a free mini-course or e-book as an incentive for your visitors to provide their e-mail address is one method of doing so. In the case of your newly published e-book, offering a free download of an entire chapter is a popular and worthwhile strategy to consider. This is all part of the process of establishing credibility. Once you become accustomed to making regular posts to your newly established Blog, creating a newsletter should be relatively simple and stress-free.

A Business Blog is the way forward, in my opinion, for many website owners who wish to increase targeted traffic. They are simple to set up and offer the benefit of being nearly instant. One of the great things that can help you become a more proficient webmaster by using your own blog is that learning the basics of HTML is not as daunting as it may initially appear. You can practice adding and removing code from a blog post to your heart’s content and immediately see the result in the preview pane. This post does not even need to be published. Again, becoming accustomed to viewing the source code of other websites and observing how they accomplish tasks will provide you with an abundance of ideas.
a few weeks, with minimal effort!


Control is the key to success in developing your webmastering skills. In a subsequent article on the experiences of a complete Blog newbie, we will examine some of the more interesting facts, figures, and activities that will get you where you want to go and contribute to the success of your website, assuming you are willing to devote sufficient computer time and are not expecting to retire a millionaire in six months!

However, it is possible to go from Meek to Geek in just a few years.

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