The New Messiah for Webmasters Is Organic SEO

Organic SEO appears to be the buzzword du jour. However, unlike many other linking strategies and techniques, this one is effective.

What is Natural SEO or Natural Search Engine Optimization?

Simply put, it is when all of your linking structures originate from the content up; in other words, you let the content you create for your websites, blogs, and articles do the link building for you.

In reality, the answer is as straightforward as this article. By reading this article, you are likely experiencing one of the best examples of organic search engine optimization. Article marketing is unadulterated SEO. You allow your article and author’s resource box to generate one-way links from niche-related websites to your site.

The keyword, however, is content. You must produce original, high-quality content for this system to truly develop and thrive. The more valuable your content is, the faster your rankings and traffic will increase. By creating valuable content for articles, websites, and blogs, you generate genuine traffic and links that search engines covet. And your site will be rewarded with higher rankings and increased traffic.

Try Writing Articles…

I was genuinely stunned by the effectiveness of article writing. It appears to be such a kind-hearted little creature. You write about your personal experiences related to the topic of your website or blog, keeping your articles brief, between 500 and 800 words, although some of my most successful articles have been longer, between 900 and 1200 words.

I’ve only written approximately sixty articles. But the benefits have been enormous, including the distribution of my content across the web and the creation of one-way links back to my websites and blogs. Some of these articles, such as those on and, are archived and will provide excellent deep PR links for many years.

There are several methods I employ to increase the effectiveness of my articles. I always begin with the keyword or keyword phrase I wish to target with a specific article. I conduct extensive research on my article’s keywords using,, and a few other websites.

I determine the level of competition for the keywords. Combining a new keyword with those for which you already rank highly in search engines is effective. For instance, I’ve optimized my website for the keyword ‘Free’, which appears throughout the site. Sometimes, when I introduce a new keyword phrase, I combine it with Free. Select the optimal keyword combination and you will quickly gain an advantage over your competition.

Always include your keyword phrase in the article’s title. I also make it a habit to avoid selecting the most competitive keywords in a niche, opting instead for those in the middle. I am more confident that I will rank on the first page of search engine results pages for these keywords. Why spend precious time aiming for the stars when you can easily reach the moon?

These directories are the most effective for me:,,,,, and These sites rank well in the search engines, so even if a surfer visits another site to read your article first, he or she returns to your site as a much more targeted visitor.

Other webmasters in your niche will pick up and publish your high-quality articles on their sites. Increasing the number of relevant one-way links to your website organically. Google views these one-way links favorably and will reward your website for having them.

Article marketing is an Organic SEO strategy that all websites should implement. Why not write or hire someone to create keyword-rich articles for your website instead of paying for expensive SEO services? The benefits will astound you.

Try Blogging…

Blogs are an additional type of Organic SEO. In addition, it generates links and traffic to your website in a natural manner by offering valuable content.

Free blogging systems are a boon for marketers and webmasters who practice organic search engine optimization. A savvy marketer can legitimately use these online blogging platforms to increase their website’s rankings, traffic, and revenue. What more could a webmaster or online marketer ask for?

Multiple blogs are utilized to complement my websites. These blogs are based on the primary keywords of my websites. For instance, one section of my primary Internet marketing website examines laptop computers, so I created a blog on about the same subject. Although all of the content is distinct from that of my primary website.

Google’s is very user-friendly and is also owned by Google. I find that posting my weekly ezine on Blogger provides me with an additional channel to reach my subscribers. Not to mention the linking and pinging that a blog provides.

Another of my marketing-related blogs utilizes the open-source software and platform WordPress. This PHP database-supported program was significantly more difficult to install on my website than I had anticipated. It is one of the best blogging platforms I’ve encountered and is highly favored by search engines. Try it if you’re not already using it.

In addition, I’ve recently begun using LiveJournal for another blog, which is also a very user-friendly platform. Typically, I update my blogs once or twice per week with brief, helpful tips or links that would be of interest to visitors or search engines. Keep in mind that each of these free blogging sites has a PR9 or PR10 ranking, which must mean something.

Spam has become an issue with many of these blogging systems; I now typically block or moderate all comments. All of this spam merely demonstrates how obtaining links from related blogs can boost your rankings for competitive keywords.

Blogging has proven to be a highly effective method for rapidly indexing and ranking keywords. I also like to use blogs for those golden double-header listings in the search engine results pages, preferably at the number one and number two positions! This generates significantly more traffic than a single listing, in my experience.

There is a concept in art known as the Golden Section, a perfect proportion that lends enchantment to any painting or photograph. It is a natural and organic phenomenon that occurs everywhere in the world. Having your site ranked first and second for your keywords must be another form of the Golden Section created specifically for webmasters.

Similarly, Organic SEO is a natural and effective method for webmasters to increase their links and rankings. Articles and blogs are two unique tools we can use to promote this organic development. Using Organic SEO, you can create your own Golden Section and give search engines something to talk about. Develop your links and rankings organically.

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