The Benefits and Drawbacks of Domain Names

Working to improve your ranking in the various search engines – particularly Google – can feel like a difficult puzzle at times. This maze can take a long time to complete, especially when you finish one attempt only to discover that the rules have been changed again – rules that you weren’t even aware of before!

It is widely acknowledged that the best techniques for improving your search engine ranking are:

• Obtaining quality inbound links • Obtaining any links to your site at all, including reciprocal links • Adding new, relevant, and fresh information to your site on a regular basis • Using a good keyword density and placement • Creating a website that is interesting and relevant enough that visitors who arrive spend time there

However, there is one major point missing from this list that is not widely known. With Google, domain names are becoming increasingly important. It’s not so much the domain name – that is, the words in the domain – as it is the length of time you’ve had it. Google is now rewarding sites that have been registered for a longer period of time and have demonstrated their intent to stay online for a long time.

Google is starting to prioritise sites that have been registered for a year or less, assuming that they are spammers looking for a quick buck and then disappearing.

Google, on the other hand, considers sites that have been registered for five years or more to be serious websites or businesses that intend to be around for a long time.

As a result, paying a little more money for your domain name registration to register for a few extra years, so that Google can tell you intend to stick around for a long time, is one of the most important strategies for gaining a strong ranking. This will increase the value of your website in Google’s eyes, and your ranking will rise.

Many webmasters are having trouble with this because they either don’t have the budget for the additional years of registration, or they don’t want to register a site for a long time if they haven’t proven to themselves that it will be profitable. They don’t want to pay for four or more years of registration for a project that may or may not succeed.

As a result, you must decide how important Google ranking is to your website. Will it be the most important aspect of your internet marketing strategy? Will you be spending a significant amount of time acquiring reciprocal and one-way links? Will you devote a lot of time and effort to search engine optimization (SEO), possibly hiring a professional, to ensure that your website contains the right keywords in the right places and at the right times?

If you’ll be investing a lot of time, effort, and possibly money into improving your Google and search engine rankings, registering your website’s domain name may be a small investment to get you started in the right direction.

It’s all about striking a balance and ensuring that you complete your search engine optimization strategy completely, rather than cutting corners before you have a chance to truly shine. In fact, paying a little extra to reserve your domain name could be the simplest part of your search engine optimization strategy. You won’t have to pay much more than fifty dollars to get started if you do your homework ahead of time and find an affordable, if not even cheap domain name registry.

As you can see, if search engine optimization is important to your website, it’s critical that you don’t overlook the most commonly overlooked aspect of SEO: reserving your website for a reasonable amount of time to demonstrate to Google that you’re serious about developing a quality, successful web presence. You’ll demonstrate that you truly deserve to be among the top websites on the internet. After that, you’ll be ready to move on to the next stage of your SEO and start seeing the results.

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