The Beginner’s Guide To Online Profitability,

There are numerous inventive ways to begin marketing your products to prospective customers. Obviously, these are not the only methods of profit generation, but they are among the most effective. Spend some time researching and experimenting with each option. Your path to success will be unique, as it will be for everyone else. The majority of the methods listed below are typically employed for selling digital information products online, but they can also be used to sell physical products.

Keep in mind that the methods Ive outlined below are only basic descriptions, and that there are numerous products that describe each method or a combination of them in much greater detail. Consider this your selling dictionary so that when you begin learning the actual selling process, you will already be familiar with many of the terms discussed beforehand.

The Traffic Procedure

Using traffic exchange sites is a fantastic way to start sending a deluge of visitors to your online store or website. How can you expect to make money if nobody knows about your business? This is where these interactions come in. However, it will take considerable effort and time to attract these visitors to your website. If you want to participate for free, you should be prepared to spend a great deal of time visiting the websites of other participants in order to earn credits that can be used to increase traffic to your own site.

Alternatively, you can pay for traffic if your budget allows. Understand that just because you pay to get people to visit your website does not guarantee that they will make a purchase or even stay longer than 30 seconds. I would suggest testing the waters with the available free traffic generation options. Due to the popularity of this method, numerous informative ebooks have been published on the subject, with new ones appearing frequently. Auto Hits Machine is an excellent book on the topic.

The Forum Procedure

This is a fairly straightforward but effective method. For many years, forums have been an invaluable source of information. So why not begin to engage in them? Utilize a basic search engine to locate a forum that discusses the subject matter relevant to the products you intend to sell. Join the discussion forum. Read the messages. Provide your own unique perspective. Be useful. Be friendly.

Even though sales is your primary objective, not everything is about making a sale. There are numerous ways to reach your destination. It is often said that giving must precede receiving. No truer words were ever spoken. Particularly so when selling online!

You must be willing to give something away, even if its just your own experience, friendly advice, or much-needed assistance to other forum participants. Also, keep in mind that virtually every forum already has ad space available. This is the signature. Here is where you should include a link to your product, website, or service along with a snippet of appetizing text. Utilize that area! It is equally important as forum participation. You want to spread the word, so do so in an unobtrusive manner using the signature tag.

The Blogging Technique

Creating a blog is not only simple, but it can also be extremely therapeutic. And in some cases extremely profitable! Many bloggers are making nice profits just from their blogs alone. How do you achieve this? Simple! Create a product review section that describes your personal thoughts on the listed products, and if you like them, be sure to include an affiliate link.
Alternatively, you could place banner advertisements on your blog and charge others to place their banner advertisements within your blog. Additionally, you can add Google box advertisements to your blog along the side or within the posts. People who are interested in the information you provide on your blog could even pay a monthly fee to access it. There are numerous inventive ways to profit from a blog. If you have no idea what a blog is or how to start one, download the Blogging Power Package immediately. Everything you need to know is contained within.

The Affiliate Procedure

This is the least expensive and simplest method by far. Every day, individuals just like you begin earning money by enrolling in various affiliate programs. It will not cost you anything beyond a few minutes to start making money. Thus, you must become an affiliate before you can receive compensation. The majority of affiliate programs will provide you with all the information and resources you need to begin earning money. They wish for your success.

Otherwise, if you fail, they fail, and neither party makes any money. Caution is advised, however, as not all affiliate programs are created equal. Or even close! Some actually pay their affiliates, while others, well, beat around the bush, and it may take up to three to six months to receive payment. Be sure to read all available information on any affiliate program in advance. When conducting business online, time is an extremely valuable resource, and you cannot afford to waste it on inferior products or programs that produce no results.

The Auction Procedure

Another popular method used by both novice and experienced sellers. With millions of visitors per day, its easy to see why sites like eBay are such a popular option for selling products online. Utilizing online auctions makes it simple to list an item for sale and earn quick cash when needed. To make a profit, you must choose your prices, products, and descriptions with great care. This takes time to master, but it can be well worth the effort so long as your earnings remain in the black, or positive.

To sell through an auction website, all you need is a free account on the site, a product, and a payment processor such as PayPal to receive your money as quickly as possible. And, the majority of large auction sites, such as eBay, provide a wealth of useful information and detailed instructions to get you auctioning in a flash.

The “Upsell” Strategy

Upselling is a marketing strategy in which you offer a product to your customers, they purchase it, and then you give them the option to add another product to their order. There are several variants of the upsell, and its function is comparable to the back end method. Take for example a product that is available in three different versions: a lite version (typically free but with functionality restrictions), a standard version (typically with most features enabled but fewer comfort creatures such as 24 hour support, upgrades, etc.), and a pro version (normally this one will have all the bells and whistles like free lifetime upgrades to the product, a special license to profit from reselling the product, either a resale rights license or an exclusive affiliate program).

Using the lite version of the product, you can give it away as a free gift, and the recipients will have the option to upgrade to a version with fewer restrictions. This is the essence of upselling. There are numerous products on the market that use this method to increase profits.

The Back-End Approach

This method is widely used in the industry of ebook information. It gives you the ability to generate additional profits after the initial sale to a customer by providing you with specific links that allow the reader of the product to purchase other related products. Consequently, an automated back-end sales force is created.

Imagine, if you will, having a product that you can not only resell over and over, but that also contains additional purchase links to other related products that generate additional revenue for you while you do nothing more than distribute the original file.

When you have a good product with a strong back-end, its very easy to earn additional income after the initial sale. Changing these back-end links to your own unique affiliate links is also known as rebranding. Full rebranding grants you special permission and tools to change other important details that help drive traffic to your website by providing you with other rebrandable links and text that you can change to let your customers know who provided them with this rich resource of information and, most importantly, where they can find more!

The “FireSale” Strategy

Surely youve witnessed or at least heard of this before. This is when a company or organization has a massive sale at a deeply discounted price in order to move their inventory.
Firesales have gained in popularity as a result of the enormous profits they generate. People who claim to have earned thousands of dollars in just three days are not unreal. This is the capability of the Firesale. A good Firesale will offer high-quality items at absurdly low prices, with the price increasing by a specified percentage or dollar amount over the course of the sale. It spreads like wildfire! Until it has completely burned out or reached its conclusion.

There are some online product sellers who disregard these types of sales and never engage in them. In this manner, I believe they are doing themselves a great disservice. Why not if you can acquire excellent products at unheard-of prices? There are specific tools required to conduct such a sale, and speaking from experience, I can say that John Delaveras JV Manager is one of the best. It is expensive, but well worth every penny. Obviously, there are other candidates, but my money is on John to win.

In addition, you will need your own domain and web space that allows you to upload and access.cgi and/or.php files, as many Firesale programs utilize these scripting languages.

The Membership Procedure

Creating your own membership site is a lucrative endeavor. In addition, it generates a steady monthly income stream. This is what makes this technique so effective.

Consider that you could use a content management system such as PostNuke or Mambo to manage the entire website. A file hosting system like TradeBit may be the way to go if youre more interested in providing a location for downloading specific products, such as those of the information or ebook variety. Alternatively, you could run a membership site from your own web space using a script like Membership Millionaire.

It is not a particularly complicated method, but it is quite time-consuming. And there is a great deal of competition for this type of website because it is so effective. Therefore, you must devise a way to add a unique twist to whatever you are offering. You could, for instance, provide your members with original content, private forums to foster a helpful community, video tutorials, etc. This will increase the value of your membership website in comparison to the competition. On auction sites, where the majority of users are looking for the lowest possible price, this strategy is typically not effective.

The “Recycle” Approach

Recycling old products for financial gain is not a novel concept. People have been recycling paper, cans, and various other items for decades. When you sell a used or unused item in your possession, you are engaging in recycling. Likewise with informational products. However, there is a distinction here.

When offering a used physical product for sale, you offer it once, receive payment once, and thats it. When you sell a resellable information product, you can sell it as many times as possible and profit with back-end affiliate links or by adding a free sign-up form for your mailing list, generating new leads and more profits repeatedly. Now, when a reseller of information has products that are a bit older, they will package them.

In other words, they recycle them and are able to take a product that has been on the market for some time, give it a facelift with new graphics and sales copy, and BAM! They have a brand-new system for generating profits. However, they do need to add a few new items to the recycled product collection. This makes it much easier to acquire customers. This process is described in detail in my book, Info Product Recycling, along with additional information on how to incorporate this strategy into your sales arsenal.

The Viral Strategy

Have you ever heard the adage, Nothing comes for nothing? Well, this method power-blasts that into dust! What precisely is a viral product? Consider it a nasty bug. And this tiny insect spreads itself everywhere until it becomes a full-fledged virus. Thats what this method is all about.

You create your own unique product on whatever topic you decide on, add lots of good information and affiliate links inside it, and then give it away. Yes. I said give it away. Everyone likes getting something for free. What makes this method even better than just giving great information away is the fact that you create a product that is chock full of back-end affiliate links for those that receive it from you to change those back-end links so they can profit by giving it away.

So how the heck are you suppose to profit after the downloaders have changed all those links? Thats easy! By adding your own advertisements that cannot be changed with your affiliate or direct purchase links throughout it! You could put one or two on every single page or before every chapter of your informative product. Even though all the other back-end affiliate links can be changed, those ads cannot. So youll still generate profits or mailing list sign ups even though youre giving this specific product away.

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