Solutions for Small Businesses at Home

We can even operate a business solely through the use of a phone. When people consider starting a home business, they must understand that only one in ten will survive five years. For the next five years, the same statistics apply. In total, 99% of businesses fail. This statistic also applies to small, medium, and large businesses.

As a result, you’re probably wondering, “How am I going to win when the odds are stacked against me?” You can succeed in a home business, but you must first understand the risks. Given the high failure rate, you understand the importance of finding a mentor to guide you as you build a business. You are aware that you do not wish to listen to someone who employs scarcity strategies rather than abundance strategies. The majority of home businesses are duplicated. They replicate the model their upline used and, because the majority of them fail, they are duplicating failure. Another way to put it is that you should approach your home business from the bottom up, rather than the top down.

Running a home business is a serious endeavor that must be treated as such. Therefore, before you start a business, seek out a good mentor and conduct an interview with the mentor. Ascertain that the mentor has the ability to propel you to the top and is familiar with the home business success curve. A good mentoring programme is “Mentors on a Mission,” which is marketed by Jaguar Marketing Systems’ system owners. You can obtain assistance through Dr. Raymond Jewell’s Jaguar Marketing System, as well as through our “Partner Development Program,” which tracks each home business builder’s progress.  Whatever your level of education, you should have a mentor who will keep an eye on you to ensure that you are doing the right things.

When we mentor our clients, we are able to teach them how to earn $10,000 per week and how to build their businesses from the ground up. You will learn how to hire a sales manager and a commission-based sales force to handle the business’s sales. We show you how to set up proper accounting and hire an accountant who understands how to maximize your tax deductions. You receive online classroom instruction on what to do and how to do it from individuals who currently operate successful home businesses. We train your Account Executives on what and how to do their jobs. You are not involved; in fact, we ensure that you run your business rather than working as an employee. We teach you how to market the “Mentors on a Mission” mentoring course, and believe me, it attracts people like a magnet. Alternatively, you can use this process to market any product.

This is an outstanding opportunity for anyone who is committed to building a successful home business.

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