Run For Your Health, and Write For Your Prosperity

The author provides a straightforward account of how he began writing at a young age, which eventually led him to write about Internet online marketing business. He describes in simple English the significance and effectiveness of article writing in this new business venture, as well as how he has used it to build his Internet business.

If your doctor advised you to run, jog, or walk for your health, I would advise you to write for your Internet business earnings!

I’ve been writing for some time now, something I enjoy doing, ever since I ventured into this incredibly interesting and exciting Internet marketing business. Since the day I learned to construct my first complete and grammatically correct sentence in English, writing to convey my thoughts, ideas, and opinions to others has been a process that I find extremely fascinating.

Since many years ago, friends and business associates have sought my opinion to evaluate, correct, and enhance their own writings. Before I knew it, Internet strangers also approached me for assistance with copywriting their sales letters and website content. My “clients” include those whose native language is English!

The Internet business now “requires” that I investigate the possibility of writing about Internet-online-home-based-businesses, as I have been immersed in the intriguing English language for approximately four decades and have previously written articles on Polymer Technology and occasional feature articles. What a pleasant and refreshing prospect!

In comparison to Polymer Technology, Internet online business is relatively new and foreign to me despite my “advanced” age (according to some). Through both primary (primarily interviews) and secondary market research, a substantial amount of effort in the form of research must be expended (Library and the Web). The part I enjoyed the most was conducting interviews with so-called Internet “gurus,” the majority of whom are younger than my children!

Therefore, this has been a challenging, intriguing, and rewarding experience. Equally, the “experts” found the interviews to be utterly amusing and, at times, jaw-dropping, as they were required to answer questions on matters so elementary (to them, but not to me!) that they had taken for granted for so long!

If you are a member of the uninitiated-soon-to-be-obsolete group, you must be agonizing over the question of what writing has to do with Internet business right now. Relax, I’d put you out of your misery right now!

To my pleasant surprise, I’ve discovered that writing articles is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Obviously, by “driving traffic,” I am not suggesting that you rev your engine aggressively at someone! Simply put, “driving traffic” refers to directing the flow of visitors to your websites. Visitors are obviously your potential customers.

Having your own articles written, distributed, and published online is one of the most effective Internet marketing strategies available.

When you become the author of a high-quality article, you become an instant authority. When visitors locate and read your article, they will gain access to some helpful information. Consequently, they would most likely value you. When appreciation transforms into trust, it is highly probable that they will click the link in your article’s resource box to visit your website for additional information. The “resource box” is a designated space at the end of your article for a brief biography of the author and the URLs of his websites.

The likelihood of them joining you in one of your recommended business opportunities or purchasing one of your recommended products would increase significantly.

You comprehend? Of course you do!

The question is how to write relevant articles that may require some of your time and effort.

If you enjoy writing and have a flair for it, you may decide to write your own articles. Follow the instructions listed above. Alternately, you could join article cooperatives to gain access to private label articles (i.e., articles written by others) or hire someone to write articles on your behalf.

Obviously, you already know that I’ve chosen to do my own writing because it gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to know that my articles are touching and helping many people around the world!

The following email is one of many that I have been receiving with great pleasure:

Monday, November 14, 2005 14:37:53 -0800 (PST)
From: Include in address book

To: Woonsungliang@*********
Your article submission has been received by

Dear Woon Sung Liang,

Thank you for submitting your article titled “Join Me in Blogging and Ride the Internet Business Blogging Wave” to Your article has been accepted and is currently undergoing indexing by search engines. Within a few days, you should be able to find your article on our website.

Thank you Again!

Note that the email states “is currently being indexed by search engines….”

Once the search engines index my article, it indicates that they (the search engines) like it. My website’s popularity would increase as a result of an improvement in its ranking.

By virtue of Internet etiquette, authors frequently permit others to reprint their articles for publication in other ezines, newsletters, websites, etc. as long as the “resource box” remains intact. This enables new groups of readers to continue clicking on the authors’ URLs.

Therefore, your website could be propagated like a virus through this simple process. This is referred to by many Internet marketers as “VIRAL MARKETING.” “. This is, by and large, the purpose of my writing. The pleasure I derive from doing so is incidental but unquestionably welcome!

How can you guarantee that your articles will reach the greatest number of potential website visitors? You submit your articles to publishers’ online versions.

My articles are typically submitted to Article Directories, Article list/Newsletters, and Ezine Directories. This could be done manually by yourself, or you could pay organizations a monthly fee to do it on your behalf. There are at least hundreds of directories on the Internet, which makes doing it manually laborious. However, the greatest advantage of submitting your article manually is that it is entirely free.

Organizations that charge a fee for this service use software that enables them to instantly submit articles to hundreds or thousands of interested parties with the click of a mouse.

I hope you now recognize the importance of writing to the success of your Internet business. If you are in the Internet business but have never written an article, you should do so immediately.

If you’re still unsure of whether or when to launch your Internet business, please consider Bill Gates’ advice “In the 2000s, there will be two types of businesses: those that operate online… and those that go out of business.

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