Role of AI in Digital Marketing

Anand Subramanian is an IT Services industry veteran with over 29 years of experience  having worked with  large  IT service companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro Technologies, and Tata Interactive Systems. Prior to joining Theorem, Anand managed India Delivery as a Chief Delivery Officer for Ness Technologies India PVT Ltd. Starting his career as a Software Engineer and eventually pivoting into Delivery Management roles, Anand has been involved in various strategic initiatives including  leading Innovation initiatives throughout his professional tenure. Anand has managed customers including large Fortune 500 companies in their digital transformation journey. He is passionate about utilizing  technology to solve customer pain points and he believes that value-addition is one of the key tenets in any customer engagement.   Over the years, companies have adopted newer ways of marketing, moving away from the traditional methods of marketing. Advancements in Technology have been embraced by Digital marketers to help them achieve, if not over-achieve, the return on investment (ROI) on the marketing spend. Every Chief marketing officer (CMO) have their eye on key indicators around customer acquisition, customer retention and providing customer lifetime value. If these are the key performance indicators (KPIs), how does technology help Marketing Directors and […]

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