Review of Holly Mann’s ebook

Holly Mann is a decorated veteran of the United States Army. When she returned home, she desired to earn an income from home in order to care for her children concurrently. After successfully creating websites, she compiled her knowledge into an e-book and is now selling it for just $20! Spend a few days saving your Starbucks money and you’ll have a new ebook! Additionally, you’ve improved your health! 😉

The following summarizes the e-content: book’s

Chapter 1: Earn Money Immediately With No Start-Up Capital

This chapter defines affiliate programmes and outlines a cost-effective method for promoting your products. On Holly’s LiveJournal group for ebook owners, one member demonstrates how he earned over $500 using this technique. On the LiveJournal group, you can learn how to use this technique more effectively.

Chapter 2 : Profiting From Product Reviews

This chapter is one of the most densely packed and useful. It includes information on how to identify your ideal niche, how to write product reviews, and where to submit them. I enjoyed this chapter, but keep in mind that some services will require a small fee. I paid $30.67 for the services, but they proved to be extremely useful. They all included a ‘trial version’ that I used to experiment. All of my expenses have come from this location, as the majority of your initial work will take place here.

Chapter 3: Web Design

This chapter will teach you how to choose a website builder, where to find a designer, and where to purchase “turnkey websites” (premade websites ready to use for making a profit). The only idea in this section that I liked was the blog section. It demonstrated how to create a blog at, but if you choose to create a blog, I strongly advise you to use WordPress. It is the best blogging programme available on the Internet. I adore it, even in its free form. Eventually, you’ll need to host your website. When you are ready to take that step, I recommend that you visit I intend to upgrade to their most affordable plan. Even at $2.99 per month, it includes everything you need to launch a small website.

Chapter 4: King of Content – Establishing Your Online Presence

This is an outstanding chapter. It displays the most recent programme that accounted for my $30.67. She refers to it as a cash goldmine, and she is correct. This programme assists you in identifying ‘key phrases’ with a small number of competitors and a high volume of searches on the major search engines. Additionally, you’ll learn how to improve your site’s search engine ranking for free and how to generate free traffic. These two items are truly free and effective. They do not entail you receiving spam emails, strange offers, or anything of the sort. Here’s a hint: this will be a hit with good writers!

Chapter 5:Profitable Per-Click, Per-Sale

This chapter explains how to use AdSense and other similar programmes to drive traffic to your website. AdSense is an excellent way to earn money. What you do is place advertisements on your site—you’ve probably noticed them everywhere; they say “Sponsored by Google.” When someone clicks on one of these advertisements, you earn money! Additionally, this chapter discusses an AdSense alternative that can earn significantly more money than AdSense. Once your site is up and running, this chapter becomes extremely useful!


The following is an excerpt from the e-book: “The purpose of optimising your website is to make it easier for search engines to find, navigate, and categorise it. Along with creating an attractive, informative website for your visitors, you should focus on developing a strong keyword-based theme throughout the site.” This is essentially what SEO is, and Holly’s e-book demonstrates how to use it effectively. You can find more complex SEO guides and programmes online, but they will cost at least twice as much as Holly’s e-book. This is an extremely useful chapter, and when combined with Holly’s LiveJournal Forum, it has the potential to turn your home into a cash machine!

Chapter 7: Techniques for Increasing Your Website’s Ranking

I adore this chapter. With this free technique, she doubled her revenue. Additionally, it directs you to sources for free e-books, articles, photographs, and recordings whose copyrights have expired. Does it get any better than this? Even if you’re only interested in reading a few books, purchase Holly’s e-book for an instant library! 😉

Chapter 8: Statistics & Tracking for Websites

This chapter demonstrates how to use the best website statics programme available. “It provides precise, detailed information about each site visitor, including the visitor’s origin, the length of time spent on each page, entry pages, exit pages, key words used to find your website, and referrals, among other things, so you can determine which advertising techniques are working for you and which you should improve on.” – taken directly from Holly’s e-book. It’s useless until your site is live, but for the time being, I find the Blog Stats provided by WordPress to be sufficient. Do you recall If you only purchase the $5/month hosting service, you will receive a slew of tools that are not included in the $3/month service. A comprehensive website statistics and tracking programme is one of those tools! Thus, you can host your site while also receiving the tools!

Chapter 9: The Money Is In The List

You may have witnessed the chapter’s tactics in action previously. Have you ever subscribed to a complimentary newsletter or ezine? This chapter explains how to be the one who distributes the newsletter/ezine. You cannot use the concepts in this chapter with a free blog, which disappointed me. I intend to expand to a hosted blog, which offers a plethora of additional features. However, consider the potential of this tool. Assume you have a list of 1000 people. You’ve created a new product that costs $50 to purchase. You distribute a newsletter about this product, and 5% of the recipients purchase it. You just earned $2500!

Chapter 10: Promotional Materials for Your Website

This was a rather meagre chapter. It is not comprehensive enough to be of much use, but it does provide a good overview of how to use AdWords effectively. Check out my Beating AdWords Review for a review of the best and most comprehensive guide to AdWords. Pay-per-click experimentation can be dangerous if not done correctly. You may simply be wasting money on clicks that are not converting. You really need to expand your pay-per-click resource pool.

Chapter 11: The Effectiveness of Press Releases

This chapter discusses how to generate traffic after you’ve completed the previous chapters’ tasks. After you’ve optimised your site and designed it, you send out a free press release informing the world that “Big Gaming Co.” is now open for business! This is a useful tool, and Holly directs you to where you can obtain free press releases as well as paid/preferred press releases that will appear faster and most likely have better placement.

Chapter 12: Wholesalers and Dropshippers

Holly provides a number of useful resources for dropshippers and wholesalers. “Dropshipping is a business model in which you sell products online and forward the orders to a dropship supplier. The dropshipper delivers the product to your customer as if it came directly from you.” – excerpt from e-book. I’ve experimented with the entire ebay business, and thus have some experience in this area. According to what I’ve heard, the majority of eBay users and those influenced by PowerSellers have a low opinion of dropshippers. I would recommend doing additional research on this subject before attempting it.

Chapter 13: Ebay Marketing Strategies

Holly demonstrates some clever techniques she uses to increase traffic on eBay. This section appealed to me because it could easily be applied if you’re an eBay seller. However, hear me out—starting an ebay business is a lengthy process! Before starting an eBay business, consider your time constraints. Consider additional books on eBay selling—this is not a section on how to sell on eBay.

I hope this provides you with an accurate picture of what to expect from Holly Mann’s ebook. You can earn a good living from your online business, but only after a lot of hard work.