Online Networking Progression – Getting Others To Read Your Emails

Do you receive emails requesting favors and other items? Possibly JV requests, or sending a press release, or something similar.

So, that’s typical, right? Occasionally, I receive a few.

But here’s the thing: with all the JV requests you receive, in addition to the SPAM and other important emails you are already anticipating, it’s likely that these emails will be ignored.

Imagine that you are the one who is sending the email. Perhaps you are proposing a joint venture. Perhaps you simply wanted to say hello. However, similar to how you would respond to such an email, the recipient(s) may also respond in a similar manner.

How then do you overcome this?

This relates in some way to my previous post on making money on the make-money-market. The primary objective is to become a more recognizable name.

Imagine they recognize you as soon as they open their inbox. You are more likely to open an email from a known sender than one from a stranger.

But how do you make that other person know you even before opening the email?

This is something I refer to as Advanced Online Networking.

How does that function? Well, here goes … People do not need to learn about you solely from the emails you send. Suppose you are not subscribed to my newsletter. Suddenly, you received an email from me. The FROM field contains “Iszuddin Ismail aka Kidino.” Would you look inside? If the subject line is intriguing enough, perhaps. However, you will most likely click the delete button.

What if you attended a seminar the previous week and we met there? We discussed business strategies and even exchanged business cards.

Then later you received the email “From: Iszuddin Ismail aka Kidino

” You may be thinking to yourself, “Ah… it’s that guy from last week’s seminar.”

See the distinction?

Here’s the big secret: You don’t need to attend a seminar with me or any other man to create that effect. Everything can be done online (atleast almost all).

Once more… How?

[+] 1 – Forums… Private Forums are optimal

Forums are well-known places to meet a variety of interesting people. It is occasionally surprising to see who participates in these forums. In situations like this, I believe that private forums work best. For starters, there are not many members. This makes it simpler for the other person to recognize you. And the feeling differs with a private forum.

For instance, when seeking advice on (TIID), I feel more comfortable sharing additional details. I do not believe that the risks of copycats and sabotage are significant.

Aside from this, members of private forums are typically more serious about their business. This is an excellent location to search for potential business contacts.

There are two activities that can be performed on forums. The first step is to engage in discussions. Provide insightful commentary and share your tips, tricks, opinion, expertise, etc.

The second thing you can do is initiate an engaging discussion topic. When you create an engaging topic, more individuals will respond. And that will increase your visibility.

[+] 2 – Commenting Blog Posts

The individual you are attempting to contact may also be an active blogger. That is a positive thing. I recommend that you obtain an RSS aggregator such as SharpReader and subscribe to their site’s RSS or XML feed. I am unable to teach you that here. It deviates from the topic. Using an RSS aggregator, however, it is easier to follow the author’s blog posts.

In addition to observing what they write, the following actions must be taken. Keep an eye out for engaging topics. Even better, topics that are relevant to you or on which you can share valuable insights. And just do that by commenting on their posts to share your thoughts.

If you have something to say about what they’ve written, visit their blog and leave a comment. Evidently, most bloggers are more concerned with the comments left on their blogs than with the emails they receive.

Therefore, leave a comment, and it will be read. And that will introduce you to the other person. Even better, provide additional comments whenever they post new content.

[+] 3 – Putting Trackbacks on Blogs

If you are a blogger, you can also engage in this activity. Sometimes you’ll notice that a blogger has begun writing about a topic, and then other bloggers quickly follow suit.

However, you can also do that. There is nothing improper about… When someone has written about an intriguing topic, you can do the same. However, be sure to complete these two tasks.

One must give credit to the initial blogger. You can say something like “Sam discussed XYZ in his blog. I believe…” The second thing you must do is to include a trackback. There is an area in your blog administration (such as WordPress) where you can enter trackback URLs. Similar to a comment, a trackback is created from your blog rather than theirs.

When writing a new post, you should look for a trackback URL and include it. Make sure your post and the other post are relevant. Do not include trackbacks to a post about vegetables when discussing computers.

4. Participate in a Teleseminar

There are occasional free teleseminars that you can join. Even if you know that there will be a sales pitch at the end, I am confident that you will learn something interesting.

However, every opportunity you have to participate in a teleseminar should be taken. There is typically an intro slot at the beginning of a teleseminar. You may introduce yourself and describe your origin. Ensure that you do that.

In addition, the teleseminar may conclude with a Q&A session. Participate by introducing yourself and posing your query.

Previously, I participated in a teleseminar in which I introduced myself as “Kidino from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.” This host then exclaimed, “Wow!” I am confident that she remembers me, as evidenced by my letter to her.

Buy their product and provide feedback

True, this is a fundamental practice, yet few people actually follow it. If the person you are attempting to contact has a product, purchase it. Then send them a letter complimenting the product (if you really like it that is).

A professional will take product support extremely seriously. And when they receive an email from a customer, they typically assume it is a support request. Now, when you write something unexpected, such as praising their work, they will remember you.

Now you can compose an email…

Now, if you did some of the above – Advance Online Networking – you won’t be a stranger the next time you write to them. It is easier to get people to read your email if they already know you.

I’m sure you are aware of this, as you frequently receive email from strangers. Here are some more tips.

When is the optimal time for writing?

Sometimes timing is everything. These are the optimal times to send an email to the individual you wish to contact. Why? – Because they are still in the mood and, in most cases, eager to hear what others think about what they have just done.

Hence, here it is…

If the person is a blogger, leave a comment on a post and then send an email.

If you are a subscriber to this person’s newsletter, send an email after receiving each issue.

If you are participating in forum discussions, try sending a private message. If you receive a response, invite the recipient to continue the conversation via email.

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