Online Networking Advances – How To Get Others To Read Your Emails

Do you receive emails from people requesting favors and other items? Most likely, joint venture requests, or perhaps sending a press release or something similar.

That is normal, is not it? I occasionally receive some.

However, with all the JV requests that you receive, in addition to SPAM and important emails that you are already anticipating, those types of emails are most likely to be ignored.

Now consider that you are the sender of that email. Perhaps you are writing to propose a joint venture. Perhaps you simply wanted to say hello. However, just as you would treat such emails, those to whom you are writing may do the same.

So how do you overcome this?

This relates to my previous post on how to profit from the make-money-market. The critical point is to establish a more recognizable name for yourself.

Consider this: they recognize you the moment they open their inbox. You are more likely to open an email from a friend than from a stranger.

However, how do you ensure that the other person recognizes you even before they open the email?

I have got a few tricks up my sleeve for that; I refer to it as Advanced Online Networking.

How does that function? So, here we go… Individuals do not have to learn about you solely through the email you send. Assume you are not a subscriber to my newsletter. And then you received an email from me. “Iszuddin Ismail alias Kidino,” the FROM states. Would you dare to open it? Perhaps… if the subject line is sufficiently intriguing. However, you are more than likely to simply click the delete button.

What if you were attending a seminar the week before and we happened to meet there? We discussed business strategies and even exchanged business cards.

Then you received that email “Iszuddin Ismail, a.k.a. Kidino

” You may be thinking to yourself, “Ah… that is the guy from last week’s seminar.””

Observe the distinction?

The big secret is that you do not have to be present at the seminar with me or any other guy to achieve that effect. Everything can be accomplished online (atleast almost all).

Once more… How?

1 – Forums… Recommended for Private Forums

It is no secret that forums are a great place to meet a lot of interesting people. And it is occasionally surprising who participates in those forums. Private forums, I believe, work best in these instances. For starters, there are few members. This facilitates the other guy’s recognition of you. And the atmosphere in a private forum is quite different.

For instance, when I am a member of (TIID), I feel more comfortable sharing additional details when seeking advice. I am not convinced that the risks of copycats and sabotage are significant.

Apart from that, private forums are typically attended by individuals who are more committed to their business. This is an excellent resource for locating potential business associates.

At forums, there are two things you can do. The first step is to engage in discussion. Provide insightful commentary and share your tips, tricks, opinions, and experiences, among other things.

The second thing you can do is generate a great discussion topic. When you create an interesting topic, it attracts more attention. And this will help you become a more well-known individual.

2 – Leaving Comments on Blog Posts

The person you are attempting to contact may also be a blogger. That is a positive development. With this, I recommend that you download an RSS aggregator such as SharpReader and subscribe to their site’s RSS or XML feed. That is something I am unable to teach you here. This is irrelevant to the subject. However, using an RSS aggregator makes it easier to keep up with what that person is writing on his/her blog.

Apart from reading what they write, there are a few other things you should do. Keep an eye out for intriguing topics. Even better, topics that are personally relevant to you or on which you can contribute valuable information. And simply do that by commenting on their posts.

When you have something to add to what they have written, visit their blog and leave a comment. As you can see, most bloggers are more concerned with what people say on their blogs than with what they receive via email.

Therefore, leave a comment; they will read it. And in doing so, you will introduce yourself to the other person. Even better, leave additional comments whenever they make new posts.

3 – Adding Trackbacks to Blogs

This is another option if you are a blogger. Occasionally, you will notice that one blogger begins writing about something and is quickly followed by others.

That is also possible. There is nothing incorrect with following… When someone writes about something interesting, you can write about it as well. However, ensure that you complete these two steps.

One is to give credit to the pioneering blogger. You might say something like this: “Sam discussed XYZ on his blog. I believe…” The second step is to include a trackback. There is a section in the admin area of your blog (for example, WordPress) where you can enter trackback URLs. A trackback is similar to a comment, except that it is made from your blog, not theirs.

Look for a trackback URL and include it in your new post. Ascertain that your post and the other are related. Do not include trackbacks on a post about vegetables if your topic is computers.

4 – Participate in a Teleseminar

Occasionally, there are free teleseminars that you can attend. I am confident that you will learn something useful in there, even if you are aware that there will be a sales pitch at the conclusion.

However, whenever you have the opportunity to attend a teleseminar, take it. Typically, there is an intro slot at the start of the teleseminar. You get to say your name and explain your origins. Ascertain that you do so.

Additionally, there may be a Q&A session at the conclusion of the teleseminar. Take part in that discussion by introducing yourself and posing your question.

I participated in a teleseminar once and introduced myself as “Kidino from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.” “Wow!” exclaimed the host. I am certain she remembers me – as evidenced by my letter to her.

5 – Purchase their product and leave a review

True… fairly straightforward, but not many people actually do this. If the person you are attempting to contact sells a product, purchase it. Then write to them to express your appreciation for the product (if you really like it that is).

A savvy entrepreneur will take product support extremely seriously. And when they receive an email from a customer, they frequently mistake it for a support request. Now, when you write something unexpected for them, such as praising their work, you will be remembered.

Now you can compose an email…

Now, if you followed some of the steps outlined above – the Advanced Online Networking – the next time you write to them, you will not be a stranger. When you are not a stranger to someone, it is easier to get them to read your email.

You are well aware of this, as I am sure you receive a constant stream of emails from strangers. Here are a few additional pointers.

What is the optimal time to write?

At times, it is a matter of timing. These are the optimal times to send an email to the guy you are attempting to contact. Why? Because they are still in the mood and, in most cases, ecstatic to learn what others think about what they have just done.

Therefore, here it is…

If the individual is a blogger, leave a comment on a post and then send an email.

If you are a subscriber to this guy’s newsletter, gal’s send an email to let him/her know you received an issue.

If you are communicating in forums, consider sending a private message. If you receive a response, invite the other party to continue the conversation via email.

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