Jog for the sake of your health; write for the sake of your wealth

How it aided in the growth of his Internet business.

If your physician advised you to run, jog, or walk for your health, I would advise you to write for the sake of your Internet business wealth!

Since I began this very interesting and exciting Internet marketing business, I have been writing, which I enjoy doing. Since the day I learned to construct my first complete and grammatically correct English sentence, writing to convey my thoughts, ideas, and opinions to others has been an enthralling process for me.

For years, friends and business associates have sought my assistance in assessing, correcting, and improving their own writing. Unbeknownst to me, strangers from the Internet have also approached me for assistance with copywriting their sales letters and website content. Among my “clients” are those whose native language is English!

After spending nearly four decades immersed in the fascinating English language and writing articles about polymer technology with the occasional feature article, the Internet business now “demands” that I investigate the possibility of writing about Internet-online-home-based-businesses. What a revitalizing and inviting prospect!

Despite my “advanced” age (at least to some), Internet online business is new and foreign to me in comparison to Polymer Technology. A significant amount of effort must be expended in the form of research, both primary (primarily interview-based) and secondary market research (Library and the Web). My favorite part was conducting interviews with so-called Internet”gurus,” the majority of whom are young enough to be my children!

As a result, the experience has been extremely challenging, interesting, and rewarding. Equally, the”gurus”found the interviews utterly amusing, at times jaw-dropping, having to answer questions about subjects they have taken for granted for so long!

If you are one of the uninitiated-soon-to-be-obsolete group of individuals, you must be agonizing over what writing has to do with Internet business at this point. Relax, I would relieve you of your agony in an instant!

You see, I discovered to my pleasant surprise that one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your website is through article writing. Of course, by “driving traffic,” I do not mean that you should rev your engine aggressively toward someone! “Driving traffic” simply refers to the process of directing visitors to your websites. Visitors, of course, are potential customers.

Writing, distributing, and publishing your own articles on the Internet is one of the most effective Internet marketing techniques available.

Once you become the author of a high-quality article, you instantly become an authority. When visitors discover and read your article, they will gain valuable information. As a result, they are likely to appreciate you. When their admiration develops into trust, they are very likely to click the link in your article’s resource box to visit your website for additional information. The”resource box”is a designated space at the end of your article for a brief description of the author and the author’s primary website URLs.

The likelihood of them joining one of your recommended business opportunities or purchasing one of your recommended products would be significantly increased.

Are you getting the picture? Naturally, you do!

The question is how to write the pertinent articles that may require some of your time and effort.

If you have a natural talent for writing and enjoy doing so, you may want to consider writing your own articles. Adhere to the steps outlined previously. Alternatively, you could join an article cooperative to gain access to private label articles (articles written by others) or hire an article writer.

Of course, you are aware that I have chosen to write for myself because it provides me with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction knowing that my own articles are touching and benefiting a large number of people worldwide!

When search engines index my article, it indicates that they (the search engines) adore it! My website’s ranking would be improved, which would result in an increase in its popularity.

Authors frequently permit others to reprint their articles for further publication in other ezines, newsletters, and websites on the condition that the content of the”resource box”is left intact. This enables the new groups of readers to access the authors’URLs.

As a result, your website could be spread like a virus via this simple process. Numerous online marketers refer to this as”VIRAL MARKETING.” “‘. This is, by and large, the primary reason for my writing. The joy I experience as a result is purely coincidental, but certainly a welcome bonus!

The following question is how you can ensure that your articles reach the greatest number of potential web visitors. You submit your articles to publishers’ websites.

I submit my articles to Article Directories, Article Lists/Newsletters, and Ezine Directories. This can be done manually or by paying a monthly fee to some organizations to do it for you. It is tedious to do it manually, as there are hundreds of directories on the Internet. However, the primary advantage of manually submitting your article is that it is completely free.

Organizations that charge for this service use software that enables them to instantly send articles to hundreds, if not thousands, of interested parties with a single click of the mouse.

I hope you now understand the value of writing in terms of wealth creation in your Internet business. If you are in the Internet marketing business but have not written a single article, now is the time.

If you are still groping in the dark, unsure whether or when to launch your Internet business, keep Bill Gates’ wise words in mind: “There will be two types of businesses in the twenty-first century: those that are online… and those that are out of business.”

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