How to Establish a Successful Online Presence

In the online world of the Internet, your initial success is approximately eighty percent dependent on your image, whether you like it or not. Consider how much more important image is in online business, where your success literally depends on what your visitors see on a computer screen, if you believe that image is important to business success in the real world. Just consider this for a moment.

To achieve success, you must simply project the appropriate image, period!

Anything less than this will fail. You will simply lose your advantage!

Utilize a professional web design service to maximize your chances.

Establishing a strong, positive online presence is facilitated by a web design that is both professional and stylish. In the visually competitive world of cyberspace, where first impressions and image battle on the front lines, it should come as no surprise that a powerful, positive presence is crucial to internet success! There are many web site design programs, tutorials, and online site builders available on the Internet, but nothing beats the expertise and experience of a professional web designer.

First Impressions are VERY Important!

It is crucial that your website conveys the appropriate image with maximum impact. The adage “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is especially true on the Internet, where everything is visual. It has been demonstrated that you have no more than six seconds to grab the attention of a visitor. If your website lacks a “professional appearance” and conveys the incorrect message, you will almost certainly lose many potential customers.

Communicate nothing but professionalism from the very beginning!

Your website conveys a great deal more information about you and your company than might be expected at first glance. The majority of this information is transmitted subliminally, just below the level of consciousness, but make no mistake: it IS transmitted.

If your website appears disorganized or cluttered; if it lacks style, visual flow, or cohesion, then you will be perceived in a similar manner. You will appear disorganized, indecisive, unprofessional, out of control, and aimless; do you really believe you will be taken seriously?!

Now compare this to a website that appears elegant, structured, polished, and professional. Such a website practically exudes success! What message does it convey subliminally to visitors? Simple: the person or persons responsible for this website are perceived to be well-organized, optimistic, competent, decisive, and, most importantly, SUCCESSFUL!

Although there are other factors involved in operating a successful online business, such as content, products, reputation, etc., it cannot be denied that image is the initial front line influencer. The message or image conveyed within the first few seconds of a site visitor’s visit is crucial in determining whether they will stay or leave. Other variables only come into play if they remain! Never undervalue the significance of first impressions, especially online!

The Effectiveness of Visual Subliminal Communication!

Using a professional web designer will give your website a professional appearance, an edge, and that “something extra” that attracts visitors and holds their attention. So, precisely what is this indefinable something extra…?

It is a talent possessed by professional designers; they intuitively understand how to arouse curiosity and attract attention through artistic design and visual communication. The majority of us simply cannot comprehend this; we recognize it when we see it, but we do not know why.

Have you ever viewed a website and thought, “Wow, that site looks great!”? If so, have you ever pondered precisely why it so impressed you? Most likely, it wasn’t because of the photographs’ superior quality or the fonts’ or graphics’ visual appeal. In reality, it is far more nuanced and rarely a result of a single factor.

This is the effectiveness of subliminal communication. Multiple factors communicating at a subliminal level work together to attract your attention. Skillful color coordination can be an effective attention-grabber. And then there are the many subtleties of page composition, such as the relationships between shapes, color blocks, and text on the page. All of these visual cues have a direct influence on how your senses interpret the page. Adroit page composition can even direct the viewer’s gaze in a predetermined direction; how potent is that?!

Are You Receiving Unfavorable Initial Impression?

Therefore, if your website isn’t generating the desired amount of traffic and attention, it may be due to poor first impressions. That can be the case! So many people fail to recognize this, despite the fact that it is so obvious. They spend weeks or even months contemplating why they are not generating sufficient traffic or sales. Then, out of sheer desperation, they begin modifying their web pages in an attempt to achieve a higher search engine ranking! No matter how many people visit your website, if they don’t like what they initially see, they will leave!

Therefore, take a hard, long, objective look at your website as if you were viewing it for the first time: does it immediately attract you, pique your interest, and convey professionalism, competence, etc.? Be completely sincere with yourself. If the answer is no or you are unsure, it could be time for a redesign and a new positive image.

Due to the continuously decreasing cost of web design services, it is now imperative for anyone who is serious about their online business to employ a professional designer. If you truly want to maximize your chances of online success, you must employ only the most advanced design technology. Therefore, acquire the Professional edge, and WIN!!

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