GT Securities: Empowering Bankers to Thrive

FinTech innovations are transforming the traditional investment banking industry in unique and powerful ways. It is a true ‘levelling of the playing field,’ where now the tech-savvy i-banker – no matter the size of their firm – can provide the same (if not superior) level of service, information, and exclusive access to parties to financial transaction as can bankers at much larger firms. Los Angeles – based GT Securities is an industry leader empowering this trend.  The firm offers one of the most innovative broker-dealer platforms that serves independent investment bankers, M&A advisors, and institutional financiers seeking a strong compliance platform and collaborative environment on and in which to transact deals. “The bedrock of our success is professionalism, character, and history of transaction successes of our investment bankers,” says Managing Director and co-Founder Mr. Jay Turo.  “With the risk of bragging on our platform are the best boutique bankers in the world, who in their careers have collectively completed securities transactions with an aggregate value of greater than $20 billion, in industries including financial services, software and computer hardware, consumer products, distribution and logistics, gaming, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, semiconductors and many more.” Unique Solution Offerings Under its Broker Dealer […]

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