Establishing a Boutique

To open a boutique, a prospective owner must first have a desire to work in the retail industry and a desire to interact with the general public. The majority of boutique owners choose to leave the day-to-day grind of working for someone else and venture into small business ownership. These business owners desire schedule flexibility, a sense of control over their lives, as well as financial stability. Boutique ownership can be a significant step in this direction.

Making the decision to open your own boutique is an admirable first step. You will want to begin by writing a business plan and a financial plan before leasing space or purchasing inventory. This paper version will not only assist you in focusing your efforts, but as you seek financial assistance, nearly everyone you deal with will request your business plan. Before anyone invests in your efforts, they want to see that you have considered your destination and how you are going to get there.

As you create your business plan, keep the following points in mind:

Which market segment will my boutique serve?
Where am I going to purchase my merchandise?
What is the best location for my boutique?
How am I going to promote my boutique?

Obtaining the answers to these questions will put you on the right track for taking the actions necessary to open and successfully operate your boutique!

Which market segment will my boutique serve?

This is perhaps the most critical question to answer because it serves as the foundation for the remainder of your work. A boutique that is identical to every other boutique in the area will have difficulty succeeding. You must present a unique aspect of your boutique. This could be the type of merchandise you carry, the age group you target, your pricing, or simply a positive customer experience that brings customers back and, more importantly, their friends and family. To determine what you want to do, you must consider two factors: first, what you enjoy, and second, what your community lacks. If you are a fan of Asian-style trinkets and accessories, this may be the area in which you would like to concentrate your efforts. Examine your local shopping centers and malls to determine whether these items are already available in other stores. If there isn’t, you can easily fill a void. If there are other similar stores, familiarize yourself with them and determine if there is a unique angle you can use in your approach to remain competitive and attract customers.

Once you have identified your niche, document it in your business plan, along with the specific products you wish to sell. Using our Asian-inspired accessories as an example, you could write the following:

– Bamboo plants of various sizes – Tea sets – Oriental fans
– Incense – Statues of Buddha

Once you have determined what you are looking for, you can move on to determining where you will obtain your merchandise and how much money you will need to open your doors. While you may not be able to carry everything you desire initially, keep in mind that your boutique will grow by nearly 15% per year if all goes well, and you will have the opportunity to expand your lines as your finances allow.

Where am I going to purchase my merchandise?

Prior to shopping, you will need to complete some paperwork to obtain your wholesale license. This is critical because you will want to purchase merchandise directly from manufacturers, and the majority of manufacturers will require such a license before selling to you. You cannot make money if you purchase your merchandise at the same price as you sell it. Additionally, if you are forced to overprice your merchandise to compensate for purchasing at an exorbitant price, your business will fail. You need to position yourself in the best possible position to purchase at the lowest possible price so that even after profit and expense markups, your prices remain within the range of what the customer is willing to pay.

Acquaint yourself with your neighborhood marketplace and the wholesalers and manufacturers that are nearby. Many of these can be visited on a daily basis and may stock a good portion of the items you wish to sell. You may wish to look outside of your immediate area for seasonal purchases and toward one of the larger population centers. Numerous large cities in the United States, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, host large merchandising shows and markets where you can meet with manufacturers and sales representatives in order to obtain higher quality and quantity merchandise for your boutique. At these large shows, you will want to stock up on approximately a three-month supply of inventory. Take the time to network at these events and sign up for mailing lists for the merchants you admire. Do not feel obligated to purchase immediately; instead, use the time during the show to compare and contrast merchants and obtain the merchandise YOU desire.

What is the best location for my boutique?

Generally, the most important factor to consider when choosing a boutique location is whether you want to be in a shopping center, a mall, or a standalone location. The final option is the most expensive and is frequently not a good choice for a new boutique, though it may become an option once you are established. The advantage of a mall location is that you are guaranteed a certain amount of random traffic simply by virtue of the mall’s popularity. The primary disadvantage is that you must adhere to the mall’s rules, which may limit your operating hours and permitted décor. In a shopping center, the landlord may retain some control over these aspects, but such interference is much less likely if you remain current on your lease payments. Whatever you choose, you should negotiate for at least 30 days rent free, as you will require this time to set up your shop before it is open to the public.

How am I going to promote my boutique?

Advertising in the retail industry is a multibillion-dollar business. When you first open your boutique, you will not have the funds for an extensive marketing campaign. Avoid being concerned about this, but make an effort to make the best use of the budget you do have. Distribute fliers, host a grand opening party and invite other shop owners, host a meeting of your local chamber of commerce in your shop, and most importantly, tell everyone about your shop. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools you have, and if your shop provides an excellent customer experience, you will see success in the form of repeat customers who will bring others.

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