Correct Niche Marketing Techniques!

Niche marketing is currently trending. Membership sites abound, all of which invite you to make a fortune. You only need to locate or purchase the highest-paying Adsense advertisements and add them to pages with automatically generated content.

This is Adsense marketing, not niche marketing. It is a dangerous game of numbers. I will elaborate below.

How did so-called niche marketing originate? There has been solid niche marketing advice available for some time. Frequently, you were advised to create a website based on your passion or area of expertise.

Then, RSS feed techniques result in software programs that scrape directory content. You only need to enter a handful of keywords, and presto… thousands of new content-rich pages are added automatically to your niche site.

And when Joel Comm presented his Adsense Secrets demonstrating how he went from $30 per day to $500 per day – a good book with sound advice, without a doubt – we suddenly had three variables that contributed to the hype:

1. targeted marketing,

software that generates content and

3. high paying Adsense keywords.

Let’s examine each of these variables in the opposite order.

High paying Adsense keywords.

Suddenly, someone realized that certain keywords are extremely valuable. Advertisers paid a substantial sum to have their products displayed on pages containing these particular keywords. It was estimated that a keyword such as “mesothelioma” or its derivatives would pay between $50 and $70 per click. I just entered this into Google Adwords with a bid of $90 per click, and the result was an estimate of 6.2 clicks per day. Now, these numbers are just estimates, but if they are accurate, with a 1 percent click-through rate you would need to wait approximately 16 days to earn my $90!

Again, I am making assumptions to make a point. Adsense is a game of numbers. To make decent money, you will need thousands of visitors AND high click-through rates.

You must either purchase traffic (using AdWords or other PPCs) or create search engine friendly pages in order to attract thousands of visitors. Now, search Google for “mesothelioma” and observe the PageRanks of the resulting pages. PR 5 or greater! Difficult to defeat them! That implies… labor!

To achieve excellent click-through rates, you must test the placement of your Adsense code. Dang, even more work!

However, there is something else, something more essential. Read this thoroughly…

Do you genuinely believe…

that advertisers will only pay so much money if…

to have their pricey advertisements displayed on…

automatically generated pages of content?

Huh … do you … huh?

Obviously, they won’t!

You must walk a fine line when playing the Adsense game. And automatically generating content, regardless of its source, is akin to walking an elephant across a paper bridge. It destroys the system!

Let’s now take a look at…

Software that generates content

I’m sure you’ve used search engines in the past to find information on a particular topic, only to discover that if you click on the result pages, you’ll be redirected to another’search engine’ page.

That was the result of a niche marketer (specific information) using ‘page generating software’ to scrape search engine results pages (SERPs) and rapidly generate thousands of pages on the topic.

The search engines dislike this. Evidently, they seek out excellent, valuable, and original content. This is what they want to provide their users so they will return.

And here’s another major point…


They will not require another copy of their own pages. This is precisely what the software will generate.

Notably, the software IS excellent; it performs precisely as advertised. A long time ago, I used one of these packages, and it did indeed work.

However, this type of software also leaves traces for search engines, which are becoming increasingly intelligent. They will eventually discover automatically generated content and ignore or even penalize these pages. I stopped utilizing such software a very long time ago.

The only responsible way to use this type of software is to modify the templates that come with the package. And to do so properly requires…

(a lot of) labor

And this was not part of the agreement!

This strategy is currently scraping articles from online directories. Simply enter a keyword, and presto! an article containing that keyword will appear on your page.

Also ineffective for the same two reasons: fingerprints and duplicates.

This software generates duplicate content, which is disliked by search engines.

The most recent innovation is software that dynamically modifies article content using a thesaurus. Other than copyright issues, I’ve seen the results and they were hilarious.

If you wish to use reprinted articles for keyword-rich content, you must at least include some original material. You could provide a review or your own opinion of the article posted below, highlighting its positive and negative aspects.

Dang, work again!

Occasionally publishing a reprint article will not harm you, but it will if you do nothing else. And the article’s content must complement your pages and even your website. If the topic is off-topic, you won’t get very far.che:

A niche is a small, (highly specialized) market segment.

A marketplace implies that demand and supply exist. There are essentially two ways to enter a niche:

1. pursue your interests (supply) or

2. pursue the money (demand).

If you pursue your passion, it will be simple to create content because you are the expert and you are doing what you love. But you must still determine whether or not your passion is profitable!

And if you follow the money, you will be on the right track, but it will be difficult to create content. I recently discovered it on eBay. However, I did nothing with it. Learn why? Because I know zilch about millinery! (THIS concludes it! a market segment!)

To follow the money, you must develop a… passion for the niche; otherwise, you cannot properly populate your website.

In either case, you must perform additional tasks. Let’s now redefine a niche. Let’s define a … profitable niche!

A lucrative niche is a highly specialized market with few competitors, high demand, and the financial resources to meet that demand.

This is what you must determine.

“Case, you make it sound like… eh… work!”

Perhaps not necessarily.

If you do not know how to accomplish this, please read my article on niche markets.

This is just to provide an example. Stay tuned as I’m currently working on a special guide on how to find profitable niches.

Now, and only then, can you consider adding Adsense to your pages if you have truly identified your niche and discovered profitable affiliate programs that you can softly pre-sell. Assuming you deliver unique, valuable content! You MAY include reprinted articles, but the majority of your content should be original.

And you should use a website optimized for search engines for this! (I am currently developing such a system, so stay tuned.)

You must still perform some labor or purchase the results of such labor!

THAT is the proper approach to niche marketing!

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