Building A Bug Tracking Database

When working with new software, and especially when developing software, it is inevitable that you will encounter bugs. A reliable bug tracking system is crucial. You may elect to use standardized bug tracking software, or you may opt to create a bug tracking database tailored to your specific requirements.

Creating a database for bug tracking is fundamentally quite simple. You only need a record of what the bug was, what it did, how it manifested, and the severity of the issues it caused. Setting up a bug tracking report system that ensures all contributors to the bug tracking database interpret this in the same way is challenging. The safest method is to provide a bug tracking form with space for additional comments and simple language. Encourage contributors to provide additional information, especially if they are uncertain of the bug’s exact cause. When you can use your bug tracking database to compare these reports side by side and identify common factors, bug tracking is at its most effective. Ensure that each report includes the contributor’s name so that you can contact them with any questions.

Establishing the severity of problems during bug tracking is more important than it may appear, as it allows you to set priorities within your bug tracking and solutions development strategy. Bug tracking is ineffective without a practical plan for addressing the issues at hand. Obviously, a good database for bug tracking will also maintain a log of the times and dates when bugs were discovered, allowing you to determine when solutions were effective or when other system changes led to their disappearance. Alongside your bug tracking database, it is helpful to keep a log of when new software was added to the system.

Building a bug tracking database from scratch may sound like a lot of work, but it’s often the most effective way to ensure an efficient bug tracking process that suits the people with whom you must collaborate. Ultimately, if it must be done, it is worthwhile to ensure that it is done effectively.

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