Be a Rich Jerk!

Ha – don’t make me laugh. How likely do you think it is that you will ever meet this 26-year-old brat who has more money than you’ve had hot meals?

Oh, you want to become a wealthy jerk?

This is an entirely different story! I am going to explain why.

A few days ago, I heard about a man who sold a website and business on eBay for an incredible amount of money. Moreover, he continues to operate wildly successful online businesses that add to his considerable wealth every minute of every day. Now, if, like me, you’ve built websites and ensured that search engines find them, but still only make a modest living online, there’s certainly something to be learned from this individual’s approach. Therefore, I purchased the eBook that he wrote, which, despite being a short volume, contains some excellent advice.

Among the topics covered in the eBook are:

• Which affiliate companies are the best to join? Advice on writing a sales letter for your website or product Pay-per-click strategies for search engines • How to enhance search engine results • Selling on eBay – there’s a lot of fascinating items here

I must admit that there is a substantial amount of this information available in online forums and discussion groups. What is missing, however, is how this individual applies the information to his own online businesses to earn a substantial income. I would also mention that he has a chapter in the book that discusses investment strategies; I’m going to avoid that section because I don’t know enough about investments to evaluate the advice accurately.

Will these strategies generate profits?

I can confirm that I have already received a return on my investment, as I have already implemented a few strategies since purchasing the eBook. The following step is to reinvest the profits and accumulate capital. Then, when I have a sufficient amount of working capital, applying more of the tricks and tips to my online business will begin to yield positive results.

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