Avoiding Online Marketing Fatigue

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During the past decade, I’ve had dozens of friends with successful online businesses tell me they were going to leave Internet marketing to pursue other careers.

Over the past decade, I’ve visited hundreds of websites only to discover that their owners had left the online world… simply quit. Some of them explained why they left, while others simply let their domains expire and quietly disappeared.

In both of the aforementioned instances, numerous individuals simply experienced “Internet marketing burnout.” They were no longer interested in Internet marketing, so they moved on to something they enjoyed more.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the causes of Internet marketing burnout and possibly discuss how to avoid it!

I’ve observed that one of the most prevalent reasons for Internet marketing burnout is that people were selling products they didn’t believe in. They simply grew weary of attempting to “convince” people that they needed and desired products that they did not genuinely consider to be of high quality. They were selling products that generated substantial profits, but which they did not believe improved people’s lives.

Simple measures can be taken to prevent the type of burnout described above. Do not sell items that you would not purchase yourself. Do not sell items that you feel remorseful about providing to others. It’s that easy. Get a sample of any product you are considering selling, examine it from beginning to end, and offer it to your market IF YOU ARE CONVINCED THAT IT WILL ADD ENORMOUS VALUE TO THE LIVES OF YOUR CUSTOMERS.

The second thing that wears out Internet marketers, particularly consultants and coaches, is dealing with people who ask for assistance but refuse to commit to helping themselves. You put your entire being into giving someone the best advice you can. You spend a great deal of time and energy assisting someone with research and planning for a project, only to have them fail to follow through. Over time, this exhausts a great number of people.

To avoid this type of burnout, one must exercise extreme discretion when accepting new clients. Confirm that they have a history of completing tasks through interviews and screenings. Confirm that they have a “reason why” so compelling that they will NEVER abandon a dream or a project. These are the individuals you want as customers. Because my time is extremely limited and I only want to work with people who are willing to help themselves, I only work with these individuals. You should follow suit!

Many Internet marketers tire of pushing product after product to a market that has become “jaded.” Each day, they are tasked with promoting a number of new products that “come down the pike.” Some individuals cannot resist this temptation. The issue arises when they realize that the majority of their customers, who purchase product after product, NEVER use the majority of them. This is discouraging and can result in burnout.

The solution is to be extremely selective and only sell items in which you have faith. Once you have a product that you believe will improve the lives of your customers, don’t just promote it for a week or two. Develop a long-term plan and promote it until the product is no longer timely and relevant. The majority of your customers will only purchase that product after repeatedly hearing you discuss it. Therefore, repeat mailings for the same product are preferable to promoting a hundred different products. This will be more satisfying for you:-)

Many individuals experience burnout because their online activities do not align with their perceived “purpose.” When a job has no real “meaning” for you, you quickly become bored or weary of it.

The solution is to do something that fits in with a meaningful aspect of your life, something greater than simply making a few short-term sales. As an illustration, I assist with a project that sells cookbooks and produces a television show. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the project (at http://TheDevotionalChef.com) is helping to build and fund a homeless shelter… possibly two homeless shelters. Because I’ve known so many homeless people, some of whom have died largely as a result of being homeless, this project has A LOT of meaning and purpose for me. I appreciate this endeavor because I can see the “good” it is doing.

When a project is of this magnitude, it is much simpler to see it through to completion. It is much simpler to enjoy working on such a project, even when the going gets tough!

A second way to avoid Internet marketing burnout is to manage your time and maintain a balanced lifestyle. A significant absence in the lives of many Internet marketers with whom I consult is a genuine social life. They spend all of their time seated in front of a computer and have minimal face-to-face interactions. That can make you feel extremely alone.

You can combat the “lonely computer person” syndrome by making an effort to interact with neighbors, friends, and family members. In addition, you can make new friends who share your interest in Internet marketing by attending more seminars and conferences on the subject. At these events, you can form lasting friendships and meet potential business and joint venture partners.

InternetMarketingSeminarSchedule.com is a useful resource for finding Internet marketing events. There may even be reasonably priced seminars and conferences within a short distance of your home; Another factor that contributes to Internet marketing burnout is a sense of stagnation. This is frequently due to the fact that, in the absence of a supervisor, there is very little discipline and consequently VERY low productivity.

The solution to the problem of low discipline and productivity is simple: avoid activities that reduce your productivity, such as instant messenger programs, excessive forum participation, online gaming, etc. If necessary, eliminate… or at least plan when these activities will fit into your schedule.

Take a course in time management or read a few books on the subject. This will help you understand how others gain control of their time and accomplish significantly more. The title of my favorite book on the subject is “No B.S. Time Management For Entrepreneurs – The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Guide To Time Productivity & Sanity” by Dan Kennedy. I purchased a copy from Barnes & Noble. Get a copy, read it, and implement some of what Dan teaches… you’ll gain an incredible amount of time.

In addition to learning from Dan, obtain a free three-month subscription to his newsletter. It will continue to help you gain control of your time management and will revolutionize your business. Free 3-month subscriptions are available at http://www.dk3monthspecial.com/best offer. Grab it NOW 😉 The final cause of low productivity that we will investigate is lack of concentration and attempting to work on too many projects at once. You begin to feel overwhelmed and incapable of completing ANY project. Similarly, the answer to this problem is astonishingly simple. Concentrate on a single task and see it through to completion. This provides you with a much-needed sense of accomplishment AND some income. Unfinished products cannot be sold. After completing a given project, you allow yourself to even CONSIDER the subsequent project.

I have just discussed some of the most common causes of Internet marketing burnout, as well as how I and my clients avoid them. Apply the relevant ones immediately, and you can easily avoid this business killer!

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