Attracting Prosperity: What Must You Believe to Become a Successful Entrepreneur?

What must you believe to show up, serve others, and succeed as an entrepreneur?

Your beliefs, assumptions, and opinions shape the world by organizing the vast amounts of information and overwhelming amount of stimulation you receive every moment. Negative or limiting beliefs, as many self-mastery gurus have advised us over the years, tend to close off possibilities, limit the future, and stifle progress. Much has been written (and fortunes have been made) about how to recognize and eliminate limiting beliefs.

However, what about optimistic beliefs? While it is important to be able to recognize and overcome limiting beliefs, it is equally important to know and stand up for what you “have to believe” in order to be proactive about what gets you out of bed in the morning, inspires your vision, motivates your decisions, and instills an entrepreneurial spirit.

A “have to belief” is a way of knowing that resonates so strongly with your sense of purpose, meaning, and service that you willingly adopt it and subordinate your choices to it. A “have to belief” is one that you hold with conscious commitment and self-reflective awareness, knowing that it is a belief (not a fact) and being accountable for the ways in which this belief provides meaning, purpose, and focus to your life.

There is no absolute, objective, and verifiable third-party system that can prove “must believe.” You instead learn to hold these beliefs like a skilled fencer holds a sword or a tournament tennis player holds a racquet: with a loose-and-tight grip that responds to both inner promptings and physical world encounters.

It is essential to hold a “have to” belief with enough flexibility to remember that you do not have the right to impose it on others. And within this loose enough grip, there is room to question, challenge, and adapt what you “must believe” as you learn and develop.

At the same time, it is essential to hold a “have to” belief firmly enough so that it can order your experience (without closing off awareness of other possibilities) and provide emotional and spiritual sustenance.

What does this have to do with your entrepreneurial success and openness to business? I believe everything. Every day I encounter situations that I or my clients cannot overcome without an adequate belief system. It is insufficient to simply deconstruct limiting beliefs. To continuously craft a meaningful and functional definition of success and to chart or re-chart your course, you must take responsibility for what and how you believe.

In my work with entrepreneurs, business owners, and independent professionals and artists, I frequently encounter the following additional “must” beliefs. Consider them for size. Notice that a “must believe” statement does not need to contradict reality.

I must believe that people are capable of taking care of themselves, despite my knowledge that this is not always the case.
I must believe that my success and prosperity will not necessitate the suffering of others, but I am aware that this is not always the case.
— I must believe that being a good steward of my business will assist me in being present and serving.
— I must believe that I can afford to act in the best interests of my client, even if it means earning less (or no) income.
— I must believe that prosperity is appealing to the individuals with whom I wish to collaborate.
— I must believe that there are numerous individuals for whom my work is a perfect fit and who will value my services sufficiently to pay for them.
I must believe that mistakes are the fertilizer for future success, and I am aware that this requires me to clean up after myself and make amends for my mistakes.

“Have to beliefs” are those you choose because they make you more powerful, wiser, intelligent, kind, and resilient. They challenge you to be larger, more imaginative, and more daring. And each “have to believe” reveals a new realm of action.

What must you believe to show up, serve others, and succeed as an entrepreneur?

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