Article Automation Makes Its Appearance

Content is king. It is likely that you have heard this a million times, but it is true. Therefore, article writing is currently one of the most utilized Internet marketing channels. It is also one of the most abused forms of marketing.

With the introduction of FFA (Free For ALL) sites, the online advertising craze gained momentum. These websites allowed you to submit your link or advertisement, which gradually disappeared as new links were added. As soon as this method of advertising became widely known, hordes of people rushed to FFA sites to submit their advertisements. Programmers invented ways to automate the process of submitting links to hundreds of sites within seconds, rendering it ineffective as a marketing strategy due to the large number of users. Within seconds, links would disappear from the page, which eventually led to their demise and waning popularity.

Banner advertising and exchanges were another marketing strategy that quickly became ineffective. People covered their websites with banners, figured out how to cheat exchanges, and surfers trained their eyes to completely ignore them. Consequently, image advertising became ineffective as well.

Automated page creation was also a problem, as thousands of people began to create gateway pages to increase their site’s page rank by attracting search engines with multiple keyword-stuffed pages. Gateway page generators automated the process of creating these pages, and they quickly proliferated across the Internet. Abuse and the introduction of more intelligent search engine spiders rendered this fad obsolete over time.

Google Adwords is the newest fad for making money. As the popularity of pay-per-click advertising grew, webmasters discovered that it was simple to generate income by filling their websites with irrelevant content in order to profit from text-based advertisements. The automation monster has reemerged, making it comparatively simple to submit articles to hundreds of content sites with the click of a button.

Step-by-step PLR membership websites. PLR articles, also known as Private Label Rights articles or public domain articles, offer people who are too lazy to write their own content a way to obtain backlinks to their website and, hopefully, sell some of their products.

Search engines have begun to penalize duplicate content on websites. In response, new programs are being developed that randomize paragraphs and alter words within an article to make it sufficiently distinct to avoid duplicate content filters. Thus, we now have automated article production?

Acceptance of articles is becoming more difficult as publishers become aware of the various methods of article abuse. As editors grow weary of attempting to keep up with the massive influx of articles that are obviously written to gain link popularity or to advertise affiliate links, more article directories will close.

Is automation truly the monster in this case? I doubt it!

Automated article submission is a valuable tool for submitting articles to a large number of websites, provided that it is used correctly. What then is the problem?

Pure and simple, greed and sloth.

Automation enables authors to submit their articles to numerous websites quickly and easily, freeing up more time for the creation of unique content. Those who are always looking for a way to make money without working are the source of the problem.

As with FFA sites, banner advertising, and gateway pages, article marketing abuse will soon reach its zenith. Private label articles will eventually be viewed as another passing fad, and online publishers will once again be able to provide visitors with high-quality content. For the time being, all we can do is wait until those looking for a quick buck find another marketing strategy to automate and abuse.

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