Are You An Internet Addict?

Working at a computer for hours per day causes the same amount of rear-end spread as watching television for hours on end. But you’ve got work to do!

How can you avoid the poor fitness that a sedentary job entails?

First, it is prudent to schedule fifteen- to twenty-minute breaks regularly. Spend a few minutes moving around and engaging in something different. People typically believe that mental interruptions will hinder their productivity. People who actually take these breaks assert that they have twice as much energy and complete nearly four times as much work per day.

Why? Your website refreshes similarly to how the mind does. When you return to a task after a break, you are more refreshed and prepared to complete the task at hand. If you have a laptop, that is preferable. Transfer it to a new location every hour and a half. Observe how your overall vitality increases when you occasionally change your environment.

There is so much downtime on your computer that you can stretch during this period. Try these neck exercises while the page loads to reduce strain and stress in this area.

Turn your head to the right as slowly as possible. Maintain this position for 15 seconds. Then, repeat the process for the left side. When you rise for a break, pause at the office door frame. Hold your arms in the “hold up” position, as if you were being robbed by Jesse James and your hands were in the air (bent at the elbows). Then, place the insides of your arms and palms on each side of the door frame and slowly lean in. Maintain the stretch for 20 seconds.

These stretches can literally save you a great deal of stress. Numerous computer workers experience neck stiffness or arm and hand pain. Taking frequent breaks and forming the habit of stretching during downtime can reduce the likelihood of future problems.

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