A 17-inch LCD display brings computer images to life.

If you have not recently purchased a new computer monitor, you may not realize how far technology has progressed. While it is common knowledge that the memory speed and capacity of personal computers has increased by leaps and bounds each year, many people continue to use computer monitors with obsolete and antiquated technology. If you want to see everything your computer can do in vivid colors and sharp resolution, you should begin your search with a 17-inch LCD monitor.

LCD, or liquid crystal display, provides an unrivaled quality display for your computer. A 17-inch LCD monitor has a resolution that is unmatched by other types of computer monitors. This monitor’s size allows it to fit comfortably in nearly any computer hutch. As a result of the extremely small pixels that compose the image, the screen produces crisp, grain-free images, unlike other monitors. The energy consumption of a 17-inch LCD monitor increases its appeal. In a world where people are becoming more conscious of their electricity consumption, it makes sense to employ technologies that consume very little power, such as LCD technology.

A 17-inch LCD monitor does more than produce an attractive image; it also looks good while doing so. No longer are computer monitors as deep as they are wide, resembling a small television set on your desk. The large, cumbersome monitors of the past have been replaced by the sleek, flat profiles of a 17-inch LCD monitor.

The technological advancements of a 17-inch LCD monitor are not limited to its brilliant picture quality and sleek design. In fact, a 17″ LCD monitor with touch screen technology is available for purchase, allowing you to navigate your computer with your fingertip or a stylus.

Before purchasing a 17-inch LCD monitor, it is essential to investigate its technical specifications. Variables between models include resolution, contrast ratio, brightness, and viewing angle, to name a few. Depending on their characteristics, prices can range from less than $200 to $1,000 or more. In addition, the majority of 17″ LCD monitors are both MAC and PC compatible.

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