How To Start An Advertising Agency From Home Without Investing Any Money

Additionally, you can earn money from home by operating your own advertising agency.

Advertise businesses in YOUR publication on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You will publish a publication (sort of a collection of handbills) that will include advertisements and, if desired, a smattering of articles. You collect payment from advertisers prior to them placing their advertisements with you. A portion of this money is used to cover production (printing) and distribution costs. The remainder of the money is yours to keep. You now arrange for distribution of your publication in accordance with the distribution strategy outlined in your start-up plan. This way, you can start and operate a highly lucrative advertising business without spending a dime. You leverage the funds of others (advertisers) to cover your startup costs and earn a sizable profit on a daily basis.

Size of Publication

To begin, give your publication a title. This distinguishes it from others and also gives it a professional appearance. Now, decide on the appearance of your publication and the number of pages it will contain. It is advisable to begin with three A4 pages. Combine these three A4 pages horizontally to create an A5-sized publication with A5 sides. The title of your publication and your contact information should appear at the top of the first page. Determine the geographic area in which you will distribute these publications. Indicate the name of this section alongside or immediately beneath the title of your publication. Later on, you may run publications with the same name but in different areas.

Determine the quantity of your publication that you wish to distribute in a particular area. The more you intend to distribute, the more satisfied your advertisers will be with their decision to advertise with you. This is because the more copies you distribute, the more people will read the advertisements, resulting in increased exposure and business for your advertiser. Make an attempt to visit at least three printers and obtain printing quotes for your publication.


Distribute your publications in a variety of ways, including handing them out on street corners to passing pedestrians and motorists, in crowded malls, in community centers, and door to door in neighborhoods.

Calculate the cost of each copy of your publication. Distribution is typically a strenuous task, so you may wish to hire school children or part-time employees to assist you. Determine how much to pay them. Three cents per correctly delivered publication is an extremely reasonable price. You will need to keep an eye on them, however. Conduct random checks to ensure that these are delivered in accordance with your specifications. This is the most cost-effective method and it works the best. Your distribution costs are determined by the price you choose to pay per copy.

Advertisers Are Charged

To determine a reasonable fee to charge advertisers while still earning a sizable profit for your time and effort, you must work backwards.

Thus far, you have incurred printing and distribution costs (including fuel costs and sundries if applicable). Adding these two figures together will provide you with the total cost of all future expenses. This figure represents your total operating costs. Determine one-third of total operating costs. This figure represents the profit you retain for yourself. Calculate your profit by adding this figure to your total operating costs. The amount you receive represents the total amount of money you must collect from advertisers’ fees. Subtract this sum from the number of page sides (twelve A5 sides if you choose the size mentioned earlier). This figure represents the advertising space cost for one A5 side of your publication. Divide this figure by four to obtain the cost of a quarter page of advertising in your publication. Your advertising fees will be calculated based on this figure per quarter page of advertising space. You can offer discounts on larger spots taken as an incentive for advertisers to book more space in your publication.

Bear in mind that advertisers pay you first, and then their advertisement appears. This revenue is pooled and used to cover operating costs and your own profit. As a result, you can start and operate this business with no capital.

The Best Way To Attract Advertisers

This is the most critical section. Maintain a regular supply of newspapers. Keep track of small businesses and individuals who advertise in the classifieds. Examine this newspaper on various days and compare it to the list you have already created. Once you discover advertisements that appear multiple times, cross them off your list. Make contact with these individuals and offer them your advertising services.

Collect And Prepare Advertisements

The final stage is collecting advertisements from advertisers, collecting payment, and delivering advertisements to your printers. Inform your printer about the configuration of your publication. He will be equipped with a computer and will handle the typesetting for you. Once the layout, design, and entire publication have been typeset, check for errors and, if satisfied, begin printing. Certain customers may have extremely intricate logos. In this case, request a sample and have your printer scan it onto your publication. He then has the option of ‘cleaning’ it up until it is ready.

You might find yourself assisting some advertisers with the writing and preparation of their advertisements. As part of your service, perform this for them. It is critical to establish a deadline for accepting advertisements. If you discover that you still have some space available, allow a few extra days to ensure that you do not fall behind schedule.

Notify advertisers when publications will be ready, as well as the date, time, and location of their distribution. Provide the advertiser with a publication for his or her personal records.

Once publications are complete, distribution should begin as planned.


While the first time may seem difficult, the second time will be a breeze as more advertisers develop confidence in you, your business, and your abilities. As we discovered the second time around, we had so many advertisers that the space was sold out in two days! We were forced to postpone the remainder until the following week.

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