Recruitment Virtual Assistance

Hire a Virtual Assistant

Are you in need of a dedicated recruitment virtual assistant at a reasonable price?

Most of the daily, but not all, of the tasks that you and your recruiting company do are routine. A Recruitment Assistant that is dedicated to helping you frees you from having to perform monotonous tasks. We handle everything, from creating job descriptions to pre screening candidates to writing resumes. outsourcing these responsibilities frees up time to grow your business.

If you are a company looking to hire a Recruitment assistant and your primary focus is competency and efficiency. This also helps to reduce costs and time spent on office space, infrastructure, and training.

We will evaluate CVs, shortlist candidates, conduct interviews, and help you with screening, candidate scoring, and selection. We have a skilled Recruitment Assistant with management experience.

We work as an extension of your HR department, not competing but consistently collaborating to improve your ability to complete better project requirements. We guarantee complete confidentiality and privacy.

Our Skills and Services