Why Every Business Owner MUST Have Business Credit!

You are hardwired as an entrepreneur to enjoy greater levels of risk than the average person. But do you enjoy business and investing so much that you are willing to take risks?

Are you being pursued by creditors?
-Declaring bankruptcy?
-Being denied a mortgage?
-Paying a disproportionate amount of interest on your loans?
-Losing your residence?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, this report may be the most important you’ve read in a long time.

Because, if you’re like the majority of entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners I’ve met in the past 28 years, you’re at risk of experiencing all of these horrifying issues.

And it’s all due to your enterprise.

When financing the launch, operation, and/or growth of their businesses, entrepreneurs frequently make one or more financially disastrous errors. In most cases, they are unaware that they are committing an error.

In fact, even when they realize they are making a mistake, they convince themselves that the repercussions will be a minor inconvenience.

Until they can no longer qualify for a mortgage. Or they cannot qualify for the financing offered on the new automobile they are purchasing. Or, creditors harass them until they are forced to declare bankruptcy.

And it’s all due to the fact that they use their personal funds to launch or expand their business. Then, they pay for business expenses with their personal credit cards. If you are in business or planning to start a business, you must have business credit.

The majority of business owners are unaware that they can establish business credit, and fewer still are aware of how to do so. If owners took the time to educate themselves on establishing credit, they would no longer need to use their own funds for start-up or operating capital.

Additionally, they would be able to utilize business credit cards that do not report to their personal credit reports, thereby not lowering their personal credit scores.

The most important objective of business credit is to obtain unsecured business lines of credit, which is possible once the business credit profile has been properly established. Once a business obtains unsecured business lines of credit, it has the necessary working capital to launch or expand its operations. The business owner has control over the checkbook and may use business lines of credit as they see fit. And even better, business credit lines do not appear on the owner’s personal credit report.

There are a number of banks that will lend to brand-new start-up businesses if your business profile has been properly created. That is correct, a brand-new startup company with no track record. The banks will provide unsecured business credit lines so that entrepreneurs can obtain the start-up capital necessary to finance their dream businesses.

Business credit is an absolute necessity for every business owner. Do not risk your personal assets to fund or finance your business!

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