What Does It Take To Be A Blogging Consultant?

You know, you can usually look up a definition of a word or phrase by typing “define: your phrase here” into Google and getting a lot of results. Although there are millions of blogs and hundreds of people who call themselves “Blog or Blogging Consultants,” google returns no results when you search for “define: Blogging Consultant or Blogging Consultant.”

That’s probably a good thing for most blogging consultants because there’s no way to hold them to a standard without a definition. I’m not claiming to be the greatest blogger of all time or anything. So, before you start getting defensive about this, think before you write, “blogging consultants.” If you get too nasty about the post, I may ask you to define “blogging consultant,” which many of you wouldn’t be able to do without the help of Google.

Let’s get down to business now that that’s out of the way. A blog is a must-have for any company. There are so many reasons for your company to have a blog that it would be impossible to cover them all in one blog post, so let’s assume you already know why.

So, do you employ the services of a blogging consultant? What characteristics do you seek in a blogging consultant? What does it take to be a blogging consultant? How much should a blogging consultant be paid?

Let’s begin with the question of “Should you hire a blogging consultant?”

The short answer is yes, but first let’s look at why. There are numerous factors that contribute to a blog’s popularity. Technorati tags, bloglist and blogsearch submissions and pings, learning how to get on the right blogrolls, and so on.

Most of these things take time to learn if you are new to blogging, and most blogging consultants say that all of the above is required if you want to have a successful blog.

There are more items to add to the list, but this article is about blogging consultants, not how to run a successful blog. Hiring a blogging consultant can help you avoid a lot of rookie mistakes and get your blog noticed much faster than attempting it on your own.

All of the blogging consultants have re-acquainted themselves with me. I’m sure of it. Will it, however, last?

What characteristics do you seek in a blogging consultant?

This is where the battle between me and the blogging consultants becomes heated. The majority of blogging consultants are, well, bloggers. Many of them have what they consider to be a successful blog, though different bloggers have different definitions of success.

Some people believe it is defined by how much money they made from Google AdSense last month. Others measure their success in terms of the number of visitors to their website or the number of comments on their blog. Others gauge their success based on what other bloggers think of them.

What do all of the bloggers who work as consultants for other bloggers have in common? They all believe that having a successful blog entitles you to work as a blogging consultant. It was going to get nasty, I warned you. If I judge my success by what other bloggers think of me after reading this article, I’m doomed!

Fortunately, I don’t judge my success based on the opinions of other bloggers and blogging consultants. Let’s return to those blogging consultant qualifications.

To begin with, a blog is a website. It’s a website that, in most cases, is updated frequently, but it’s still a website. Each blogpost is turned into a website page. As a result, as often as you post to your blog, you’re adding more webpages to your website.

Now I’d like to ask you a question. Would you hire a blogger to do your website’s search engine optimization first? Would you hire a blogger to manage your AdWords campaign first? Would you look for a blogger to help you build your website first?

Unless the blogger also has experience in those fields and not just for their blog, the answer to all of the above is probably no. They’ve built, optimised, and marketed websites for themselves and clients.

A blogger who works as a blogging consultant should not only be a blogger. They should also possess all of the necessary skills to manage a website. The blogging consultants are once again furious with me. But consider this: Many bloggers can write well. They know how to make the right connections with bloggers who will link to them. They are familiar with the concept of blogging.

So, if all you need to know is how to write a blog, hiring a blogger who knows how to write is the answer; however, if you need someone to manage your blog for you, including posting to the blog, SEO, link popularity (not just from blogrolls), and marketing, you should hire a webmaster who also blogs.

So, how much should a blogging consultant be paid?

What is your financial situation? Just joking. A lot depends on the kind of blog you want to start or already have. A corporation blog must pay more, not because they have more, but because every single blog post and every single link to or from another blog or website must be considered for a variety of legal and policy issues. Although a small business blog does not face many of the same issues as a corporate blog, it must still adhere to certain guidelines.

If you’ve ever hired a webmaster, not a web designer, a webmaster, or a Search Engine Optimization Company, or a Search Engine Marketer, or even just a Marketing Consultant, (The just was in there just to make consultants mad again. ), you’ve got a good idea of how much a blogging consultant should cost.

Keep in mind that if you hire a blogging consultant solely to teach you how to blog, it will not be worth as much money as if you hire a blogging consultant who will also provide all of the services that a Webmaster and Internet Marketer would, as well as search engine optimization.

Laugh out loud! I still haven’t mentioned the price. It’s on its way. Continue reading.

What does it take to be a Blogging Consultant?

He or she appears to have a portfolio of work that includes more than just a blog or two. Someone who owns and manages a number of websites for themselves and clients. As I previously stated, a blog is still a website.

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