Three Free Home-Based Business Entrepreneurship Resources

What Everyone Must Know to Become a Successful Home-Based Business Owner is Freely Available Online.

Can you imagine a car or stereo without a steering wheel or speakers? This is the case for many home-based businesses. They are insufficient, but not for lack of information. Every home-based business owner is aware that sifting through all the available information, opportunities, and lists in order to concentrate on income-generating activities is one of the most difficult tasks. It seems that everyone is offering information that you must figure out how to apply, and it can be a real strain on one’s finances to investigate everything that is available.

This is why I have provided a list of my top three free tools and resources for the successful home-based business owner.

A website is the foundation of every successful home-based business. A website can provide the same visibility as a large corporation, but this is only the beginning. Several years ago, I spent a lot of money on the best website-building software because I was advised to do so. Then I acquired a domain, a hosting service, and spent many hours designing graphics and web pages, and voila! I had a website and an online business. But guess what? I had no visitors because I had no idea how to promote it. The free mini-course “Website Marketing & Home Business Entrepreneur Secrets” will enable you to reduce your start-up time to just a few months, based on what I’ve learned over the years.

Since you’re reading this article, you’ve probably tried more than one network marketing opportunity, or at the very least, you know an aspiring home-based business owner in the MLM industry. A 97 percent failure rate in network marketing can be attributed primarily to the prevalence of lies. You are instructed to discuss your business opportunity with everyone who comes within three feet of you, as you are told that everyone is your prospect. In reality, a dentist does not build his practice by asking everyone he meets if they have tooth pain! Just as not everyone is a prospect for the dentist, not everyone is a prospect for you! Did you know that some people enjoy working? Some individuals have no desire to be home-based business owners. Check out this E-book to learn why you don’t need to bug your friends and family to build a successful home business. I have made The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing available for free download via this link.


The Science of Making Money Online is the third free resource I recommend. This book will show you precisely how to launch, develop, and promote a home-based Internet business. This book is great for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit who, like me, lacked a great mentor to help them get started.

If you are a home-based business owner who has not yet tapped Craigslist’s overflowing pool of exposure, you must immediately stop reading and visit Craigslist is a rapidly expanding online community that has become a global phenomenon. You can post job ads, buy and sell real estate, and find virtually anything you would find in the classified ads of your local newspaper. Did I mention that it is free? Craig is a great resource for free exposure to a large community, as it only charges for job postings in a handful of major cities in the United States.

This concludes my list of the five best tools and resources for home business owners to break out of the 97% and become one of the 3% of successful home business owners in a rapidly expanding industry. As you continue to grow as a successful entrepreneur, I wish you success, happiness, prosperity, and God’s blessings.

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