“Slippery Slope” Online Sales Letter: 13 Steps

The issue is that many of them are attempting to sell their e-book, tutorial, etc. on a standard website. They include a paragraph describing the info-product and the price, and anticipate a flood of sales.


You require a unique landing page with a slippery slope sales letter.

Remember playing Chutes and Ladders? If you landed on a space with a chute, you simply descended, Baby. There is no going back. Such should be the tone of your sales letter: a slippery slope that entices and engages the reader.

Here is an overview of the 13 elements you should include.

1. Limit your navigation.

The visitors attention should not be diverted by links to your bio, other products, etc. The objective is to keep her on this page, reading your copy, and persuade her to place an order. Therefore, only include on this page navigation that pertains to the product (e.g. FAQs, Order now).

2. Provide a compelling headline.

Your headline can either boost or hinder your sales. If it is not compelling, the visitor will leave your site. Here is a simple headline formula: How to So That You Can . Ensure that the second part provides a substantial benefit, such as double your business or find peace of mind.

3. Discuss the prospect’s problem or share a personal experience.

This is termed pushing the ouch button by marketers. First describe the readers problem or pain, then transition into how your product will alleviate it. Or share your own story of failure-to-success that the reader can relate to.

4. Give us your name.

If I were to purchase your product, I would like to know why you are qualified to write about this subject. Give me the impression that you know a great deal about this topic and are eager to share it with me.

Even include a photo of yourself and an audio greeting, as I have done. These enhance the readers immediate sense of familiarity with you, thereby increasing the trust factor. And consumers purchase from those they feel they know, like, and can trust!

5. Use bullets like mini headlines.

Explain everything I will receive from your product. Do not simply reproduce your table of contents! Make each point an intriguing secret. For instance, suppose your e-book contains five tips for saving money on groceries. This bullet could read, 5 ways to save hundreds of dollars on your monthly grocery bill revealed.

6. Provide numerous testimonials.

Show your prospects that they will not be the first purchasers. It is more effective to intersperse testimonials throughout a sales letter than to include them in a separate section. Include the full name and Web address of each individual, as well as a photograph and audio testimonial for added impact.

7. Explain why your product is such a bargain.

How does the cost of your product compare to hiring you privately? For instance, your $49 manual is a great value if an hour of your time would cost me $250.

8. Add a few excellent bonuses.

Offer special bonuses that are so valuable that you could sell them on your own if you so desired. It could be a list of resources, a compilation of articles, additional advice on a particular topic, or a free consultation.

9. Give an unconditional guarantee.

This reassures your prospect, leaving her with no reason NOT to purchase. A small number of turkeys will take advantage of your generosity, but the amount of sales you GAIN from this strategy vastly outweighs the risk.

10 .Request immediate action by including a limited-time offer in your online newsletter service.

Some sales pages use deceptive scripts to make it appear that the offer expires every day at midnight, which I find insulting. If you will be increasing your prices soon (as you should always do), provide an exact date and adhere to it. Otherwise, simply state that the offer is introductory and time-sensitive.

11. Make it RIDICULOUSLY CLEAR what to do next.

Nothing frustrates me more than being on a website with my credit card in hand and being unable to locate the $ percent #@& order link! Make the ordering process foolproof. Example: Click here to order immediately on our secure server. Additionally, sprinkle order links throughout your page, as some visitors may be ready to purchase before they reach the bottom.

12. Make one last plea.

After your signature, emphasize that I should act immediately in your closing letter. For instance, Do not pass up this wonderful opportunity. Keep in mind that you can purchase now and change your mind at any time.

13. Don’t forget to include your contact information!

Readers WILL have questions, so provide an e-mail address on your website that you or a member of your staff checks at least once per day. Additionally, do you feel more comfortable purchasing from a website that lists a real address and phone number?

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