Should You Moonlight in Computer Consulting While Starting Out?

Numerous individuals can earn substantial supplemental income by operating a computer consulting business on the side.

Moreover, by moonlighting, you can determine whether or not you enjoy computer consulting before committing to building a full-time computer consulting business.

Learn True Billable Hours

As a computer consultant on the side, you will also gain an appreciation for true billable hours. What does this signifier? For instance, if you spend 10 hours working, you may only be able to charge for 4. Or, you may spend 10 hours but only be able to bill for 6 or 7 of them. That is the truth. You could read endlessly about it. But unless you experience it for yourself, you will not have a complete understanding.

What is the definition of non-billable hours?

What do these non-billable hours consist of? Other responsibilities associated with operating a business. These include: marketing, business development, paperwork, organization, billing and collections, and accounting.

It is difficult to determine if you will truly enjoy owning a computer consulting business and if you are suited for small business computer consulting until you have firsthand experience.

The Advantages of Moonlighting

But the greatest advantage of moonlighting while working a full-time job is that there is no pressure. If you dislike computer consulting, well, it’s not a big deal. However, moonlighting is an excellent way to test the waters without making a significant commitment. In addition, you do not have to stake your family’s financial security on the outcome.

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