SEO – Is It Overrated To Have A High Page Rank?

A discussion of page ranking, its relationship to search engine optimization practices, and whether it is overrated in terms of website sales.

Whether or not you need a high page ranking is one of the most hotly debated topics regarding search engine optimization in general. People will spend thousands to obtain a high page ranking on Google, but does a high page ranking actually result in increased sales? Numerous SEO experts are opposed to the practice because it frequently results in an influx of emails to answer, window shoppers, and no sales. In conclusion, the only type of page ranking that matters is one that brings you paying customers.

How then can you find yourself in the situation described above? This typically occurs when you subscribe to a link-building service or manually index too many low-quality websites.

The only thing that truly matters is that when people type specific keywords into a search engine, they find your information quickly and efficiently, and that they find what you offer prior to what your competitor offers. This involves ensuring that your site is tagged with relevant, non-expired keywords and that they are used in the text of the site. It also entails not accepting links from just anyone, regardless of how complementary your sites appear to be.

Having correct HTML is yet another way to make it simple for people to locate you via search engines. If you are utilizing HTML, ensure that it is correct, as spiders may avoid reading HTML that reads like gibberish. Using a CSS style sheet and adhering to its guidelines is one approach to achieving this. Hiring an SEO expert or an HTML expert to clean up your HTML code is a further option.

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