Partners’ Market collaborates with Red Door Pantry to promote local entrepreneurs

Our CorrespondentKohima, June 15 (EMN): With an objective to promote local entrepreneurs and businesses, Partners’ Market, in collaboration with Red Door Pantry, organised a pop-up sale in Kohima on Wednesday. Started in 2018, Partners’ Market consisted of six members having their own outlets/ businesses, who support and encourage each other as well as invite local entrepreneurs to join them. The pop-up sale featured four of the six members of Partners’ Market including Gutouch, Little Niceties, Barkweaver, 1052 along with Theja Sekhose, Tim Yanger and Bedazzled You. It was hosted by the Red Door Pantry Café owned by two friends namely Kehoukhrielie Krose and Kekhriesituo Yaotsu. The duo started the restaurant last year with a similar objective–to create space for people not only to dine in–but to promote local entrepreneurs, writers, artists etc. A member of Partners’ Market shared that the overall idea was to promote and support each other, especially local entrepreneurs. “At present, there is some kind of revolution and many people have become more open-minded towards taking up non-conventional careers such as artists and entrepreneurs, which in a way is contributing to society by trying to help their own people. “Nagas are very good at jumping on the…

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