Online Prospecting for Industrial and Technical Buyers

Internet marketing strategies for manufacturers and industrial suppliers seeking to increase sales and marketing return on investment.

If your company sells industrial products or services, you should definitely use the Internet as a marketing tool to reach your target market. In fact, more than 87 percent of engineers and other industrial buyers regularly use the Internet to locate the products, services, and solutions they require. Manufacturers and suppliers who know how to reach these ready-to-buy prospects through effective marketing programs are the most profitable on the Internet.

As more manufacturers and other industrial suppliers join the online marketplace, however, it becomes more difficult to reach qualified buyers at the right time. Due to the increased competition for certain products and services, many businesses are beginning to question the Internet’s profitability as a marketing tool.

Even programs that were once extremely profitable for many manufacturers, such as pay-per-click, no longer carry the same weight in the eyes of many industrial suppliers. The majority of them blame the competition. However, that is not the primary issue. The company’s inability to adapt to an ever-changing market is the real issue. Undeniably, no market is more dynamic or frequently changing than the Internet.

Expand Your Advertising Channels

Pay-per-click, search engines, banner ads, and your website alone are insufficient. To remain competitive on the Internet in the present and in the future, you must adapt your entire marketing strategy. If you expect the major search engines to be the primary source of traffic to your website, you are placing too much emphasis on a single marketing channel. You must expand these channels to generate Internet-wide traffic from multiple sources. The websites with the greatest marketing versatility will develop the strongest competitive advantage possible over their rivals.

They prefer to keep things straightforward, which is likely the primary reason why the majority of manufacturers do not versify their marketing. Therefore, they spend the majority of their marketing budget on one or two programs, ignoring smaller traffic sources that could significantly increase their return on investment.

Indeed, simplicity is the best approach, but that does not mean you must limit your marketing channels. The key is to identify smaller, more adaptable search engines, directories, and portals that reach your intended audience. You can and should continue to utilize the major search engines for website promotion. Don’t disregard the others simply because they are too small to work with. Together, they can produce significantly better results than any single source, regardless of size. In addition, there will be much less competition, so the ROI will increase significantly.

Finding Effective Marketing Channels

Clearly, not all marketing opportunities are created equal. You want to find marketing plans or programs that are straightforward to implement, measurable, and profitable. Regardless of the audience you are attempting to reach, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of websites that are ideal marketing channels for promoting your business. Do not disregard a website simply because it has a small audience. You must consider the big picture in order to understand the true value of these sites.

As previously stated, the majority of leading manufacturers do not even bother with advertising on websites that only reach a small portion of their target audience. However, these smaller sites offer the greatest potential for profit. Consider not only the excellent advertising value that these websites typically provide, but also the immense potential they frequently have to reach even more of your prospects in the near future. In the end, as their visitors and audience grow, so will your ROI for a variety of reasons.

Relationship is a significant advantage of advertising on smaller websites. Suppose you were the first advertiser on a website that once had a small audience but now reaches millions of your potential customers. There will undoubtedly be benefits. I am confident that I will not forget the original sponsors of my website. Their support was crucial to the success of my website, and I ensure that they are rewarded with exclusive advertising benefits.

Internet Advertising and Marketing

Today, everyone on the Internet has their own opinion regarding the most effective advertising and marketing strategies. Text link advertising and search engine optimization are praised by many. Others utilize pay-per-click or email opt-in. And many manufacturers continue to favor banner advertising, presumably for branding reasons. But who cares what someone else finds successful? The only thing that truly matters is making it work for your business – period.

Different websites offer a variety of advertising options. Some websites only accept banner advertisements, while others only display text link advertisements. There are also directories and search engines that may accept both formats. If the terms are acceptable, you must be flexible and willing to advertise in the manner required by these sites. Again, what matters is reaching your target audience while maximizing return on investment. Whether through a banner ad, text link, featured listing, or anything else.

Yes, it will take considerable time and effort to identify the optimal advertising and marketing channels. However, the benefits are well worth the effort if you are responsible for marketing or increasing website traffic.

Consider the situation as building a chain one link at a time, with each link strengthening the entire system as the chain grows longer and larger. This chain will unquestionably result in a constant influx of traffic from multiple sources, enhancing your website’s visibility and competitive advantage on the Internet.

In contrast, your competitors will be restricted to one or two major marketing channels on which they rely for at least 90 percent of their website’s traffic and possibly their survival. They will be subject to constant price increases, intensifying competition, and, ironically, the need to explore alternative marketing channels.

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