Increase Visitors to Your Website

Directories facilitate the discovery of websites within specific or definite categories. The distinction between search engines and directories is that directories only include websites that have met a certain standard and contain substantive information.

A goal of using directories is to increase traffic. To accomplish this, one must opt to be listed in large, organized directories such as Yahoo, DMOZ, and LookSmart. These will significantly increase the link popularity and Google PageRank of your website, as well as drive highly targeted traffic to it.

To maximize exposure:

• Identify the category that is most applicable to your website. The category and subcategories must be a perfect match for your website’s topic and purpose. For instance, if your site is a health-related business, it must appear under the health category and not the business category. Only then will health-related website visitors access yours. Perform a relevant keyword search for your website on the directory. The directory will return categories that correspond to the search terms. Choose the option that is optimal in every way.

• Create a title and description that will increase rather than decrease traffic. The title must be accurate. It should contain the most essential keyword and, if possible, begin with a letter from the beginning of the alphabet. In addition, the 15 to 25-word description should concisely summarize your site’s purpose or functions. While being descriptive and informative, try to incorporate as many relevant keywords as possible.

• Acquire keyword phrases from a pay-per-click search engine or directory.

• Optimize your website for search engines

• Give careful consideration to text and image content. Images with a high file size reduce search engine visibility.

Utilize backlinks in relevant directories and business or trade listings. Examine the backlinks utilized by competitors.

• Add fresh content frequently This encourages return visits from visitors and search engine spiders. Ensure the content contains relevant keywords.

Create and maintain a website log or blog. This can become an active method of increasing traffic and disseminating information.

• Advertise your website by printing its URL on business cards, paper bags, and other packaging materials. Regularly distribute an e-zine or updates as newsletters to customers and business partners.

Consider paying search engines for enhanced listings and rapid evaluation of your website.

Utilize cloaking technology to target content towards search engines.

Promote your business on related websites and mailing lists.

• Adopt a reciprocal link program.

Maximize your traffic by regularly monitoring it. Analyze visitor frequency and movement patterns. Determine what is effective and what is unnecessary. Utilize cookies effectively. Understand and maximize the use of technology. Maintain an awareness of recent innovations and developments. Document an effective website marketing strategy.

There are simple steps to victory: be unique and ensure that your website is enticing and delivers what it promises; create a network of supporters; be honest in your business ventures; deliver on time at reasonable prices; be a lifelong learner and continually update your website to keep up with the times; carve out an exclusive niche and diversify in directions that are pertinent to your business module.

Create a formidable presence.

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