How to obtain the highest possible price for your home

Are you aware of the manner in which the viewings will be conducted? Some people may feel more comfortable showing potential buyers around their homes themselves; however, statistics indicate that houses shown by agents sell more quickly. The best course of action is likely to be to collaborate with the agents, with you handling viewings when the agent is unavailable.

Clear communication is critical so that you can make preparations in advance, such as testing their customer service to determine how quickly they respond. How they respond to your inquiry may be indicative of how they respond to prospective buyers. Additionally, set a competitive selling price; slightly less than others on the street should help you sell quickly.

In the majority of cases, agree only to a ‘no sale, no fee’ agreement. As is customary, it is prudent to obtain all pertinent information in writing prior to signing.

Should you enquire about the percentage of failed sales? Why would you… correct? You should, as this will indicate the agent’s commitment to seeing the sale of your property through from start to finish. Another indicator of a good agent is their ability to identify potential buyers immediately.

However, if the agent you’re working with states that he’s located a ‘cash buyer’ for your property, you should clarify exactly what they mean. It could be someone who is ‘chain-free,’ but the transaction as a whole could be stymied by a concealed mortgage. It should truly mean someone who has the cash on hand to purchase your property.

Additionally, keep pets out when showing potential buyers around your home; you want to demonstrate a place of calm and comfort, where you can relax and unwind or entertain guests. Even if you’re selling a family home, the same rule applies to children: allow them to stay with friends or relatives while you show buyers around, as it may be difficult to get them to behave. Bear in mind that you are attempting to sell the family home, not to demonstrate the family in action.

Provide incentives to prospective buyers. To secure a transaction, some large developers may offer to provide white goods (fridges, freezers, and cookers) and even pay a portion of the mortgage. Depending on the postcode, some may even get your children into the best schools in your area.

Additionally, eliminate all clutter from the house. This includes any rubbish or skips filled with junk or items from the garden such as unwanted shrubs, as any mess may give the impression that the rest of the house is disorganised, or even that you are not serious about selling.

It’s a little more complicated when it comes to estate agents, as you want to find one who will give you the best deal, is trustworthy, and will sell your house.

Traditionally, sellers would use a neutral colour scheme to sell a property because it is a colour that the majority of people like and light colours create the illusion of a larger, brighter, and cleaner home.

It is always worthwhile to inquire about what you desire and require. Determine whether there are any incentives available and which agent and sale proposition are the best fit for you.

Remember to take care of the small details, such as finishing DIY projects, so that potential buyers can envision themselves living in your home. It makes sense to check for peeling paint and lingering bad odours in your home.

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