How To Increase Search Engine Traffic

How can website traffic be increased?

This is a common question among webmasters.

Everyone may be aware that search engines provide the most targeted traffic. But does everyone know how to obtain free top rankings?
SEO services are costly and frequently do not deliver on their promises. Offsite optimization, in the form of relevant links from other websites, is the key to SEO success.

The value of reciprocal link exchanges lies in their ability to boost a page’s search engine popularity ranking. However, unless the webmaster is fortunate and some of his link exchange partners become high-powered websites, exchanging link advertisements will only take a website so far. To put a website on top, one-way links from authoritative websites are the name of the game.

Some individuals may have utilized automatic link exchange networks. And they assured the webmaster that there will be many links. True, it is the case. However, any “link network scheme” that leaves “footprints” could result in the site being banned. If a link is placed on a “links” page or a page with the word “script” in the title, it indicates that search engines will not rank the site highly.

But if a link is placed on the page that is relevant to the keyword webmasters wish to rank well for in search engines, the page’s position will rise. There are two ways to achieve this outcome. For instance, the webmaster has a travel website with a page devoted to travel in Florida. He desires to be in the top 10 for the keyword “Florida travel.” What ought he to do?

One way.

He begins searching the Internet for potential partners with relevant websites, artificial, ineffective link exchange networks, reciprocal links, or he purchases links. What does he get ? Although he spent a great deal of money, his site’s ranking did not improve or improved only marginally, despite the fact that he spent a great deal of money.

Another means

The webmaster searches the LinkWizard database for Florida-related pages. Then, the request is sent to another webmaster to exchange links on content-relevant pages. Another webmaster concurs, as he is also interested in pertinent links. What then? The link is on the relevant page of the partner’s website. What does webmaster get? He is pleased that the keyword “Florida travel” has elevated his ranking.

LinkWizard’s automatic link exchange service offers the following benefits to webmasters:

1. LinkWizard will save webmasters money by facilitating direct communication between webmasters regarding links on each other’s site and content pages. By utilizing a database, a webmaster can rest assured that he is maximizing the value of his site, as he receives links from pages on the same topic.

2. In our database, he will find large portals with numerous pages. Each page has a distinct subject. The webmaster can choose a page that precisely matches the subject of his website. Only links from such pages are favored by search engines.

3. The webmaster can choose the link text for each individual page of content. He may choose a keyword that he wants to appear as link text in search engines and place it on a page whose content is optimized for this keyword. This keyword is guaranteed to increase the page’s rank.

4. This service is complimentary. Webmasters are not required to purchase links from other webmasters, link auctions, or link brokers.

5. Everything is accomplished automatically. He does not need to send emails to webmasters, request placement on specific pages, and wait weeks for a response.

6. There is no single “footprint” recognized by search engines. Other link exchange networks leave behind numerous “footprints.” For instance, sites may employ the same visible script, and links may be placed on a “links” page. If search engines discover the “footprint” of a link exchange network, they will not rank your site highly. With LinkWizard, webmasters have none of these difficulties. All links are only placed in the middle of relevant paragraphs. This method of linking without visible “footprints” has a tremendous impact on search engines!

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