How to Employ a Skilled SEO Marketer

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art and science of increasing the visibility of a website in search engines’ unpaid results when a user conducts a search. This is the purpose of SEO, however. As SEO is a relatively new field, there is no “governing body” and the rules are subject to change. A competent SEO expert is aware of these rules and knows how to apply them correctly. A poor SEO specialist typically makes mistakes or tries to deceive the system in order to achieve “fake” high rankings.

It is false that you have no influence over what appears in search engine results. The content of your website determines your ranking in the search engine results page (SERP). If your website is about widgets, it is unlikely to appear in search results for “bus fares.” The most important thing you can do on the Internet is to accurately portray yourself. If your site is about “widgets” and its content discusses “widgets,” then you will likely appear in the search results for “widgets.” A competent SEO professional can help you rank higher for “widgets” and other relevant, well-researched keywords.

What is the Difference Between “Good” and “Bad” SEO Services?

A poor (blackhat) SEO marketer is comparable to a street vendor selling snake oil. You may believe you are getting a good deal, but you cannot be certain of the repercussions. A competent SEO marketer resembles a pharmacist. They have likely studied all the tried-and-true methods for resolving your issue and have a good idea of how to safely and effectively address it.

The Benefits of Employing a Poor SEO:

-Your website could immediately rank first for your chosen keywords. -You could earn a few new customers and make a quick buck.
-The price is considerably less than what your peers and competitors pay for SEO.

The Costs of Employing a Poor SEO:

-When the search engines realize what you’ve done, your site’s ranking could be severely penalized (dramatically lowered), leaving it worse than before.

Your website could be temporarily excluded from search engine results (completely unfindable – expect 6-12 months)
-Your website may be permanently excluded from the search engine (completely unfindable – for good)

When any of the aforementioned occurrences occurs, it will be necessary to remove all search engine spam from your website, resulting in lost productivity.
It could be difficult to identify all the techniques the SEO marketer used to artificially boost the rankings, so it could take a while to return to the results pages.

Once you have been penalized or banned, you will lose all of the potential customers you would have gained if you had done it properly –
A professional SEO consultant will likely need to be hired at additional cost to correct the issue and complete the task properly.

Don’t believe it? BMW received the Google Death Penalty in February 2006 for employing unethical SEO techniques. They presented a slick design to anyone with JavaScript and a keyword-rich page to everyone else (search engines). It is improper to display one piece of content to visitors and another to Google. Google has banned BMW Germany.

The Fees of Employing a Skilled SEO:

-The initial cost will be higher. -There will likely be an ongoing subscription fee. -The implementation time (for the site to rank highly) will be longer. -There will be changes to the actual site’s content and structure.

The Benefits of Employing a Skilled SEO:

-Higher rankings overall -The high rankings tend to stick around -The keywords for which you rank highly are relevant to your organization and the people searching for it –

It is more economical in the long run –

Future pages you add to the website will rank more quickly and easily –

There are no blackout periods or customer losses due to penalties.

Why Is “Bad” SEO So Unwanted?

First, let’s examine some of the blackhat SEO marketer’s available techniques. Here are a few examples:

-Doorway Pages: Numerous web pages stuffed with keywords that link back to your website.
-Cloaking: Displaying a different version of a website to visitors than to search engines.
-Dynamic Content: Not all dynamic content is bad; in fact, the vast majority of it is entirely acceptable. However, it is generally a bad idea to have the server generate large lists of keywords that change frequently.
-Scraping: Some sites visit high-ranking sites, copy content containing the desired keyword, and publish it on their own site. This is an excellent way to irritate other websites.
-Hidden Text: It is not a good idea to have keywords on a page that are the same color as the background or that are hidden by CSS.
-Setting up links pages that utilize the keyword-rich link text of other sites in order to improve their ranking. This increases the link page’s relevance for the desired keywords. This frustrates both search engines and site visitors.
-Keyword Stuffing – Writing text on a website that is essentially a long list of keywords. As with all things, it is possible to overuse keywords when conducting responsible SEO. Search engines value correct grammar.
Overusing RSS: Feel free to syndicate substantial portions of your website. However, syndicating your entire website may raise a red flag. Future modifications to the way Google indexes RSS are rumored, according to rumors.
-bait-and-switch: submitting the search-engine-friendly page to the search engine and then uploading the “real” page after it has been indexed. -Irrelevant This is a very temporary boost to your rankings.
WHY would you promote the keyword “sex” on a widget-related website? Do you honestly believe that someone searching for “sex” will visit your website and say, “Oh wait, I think I was looking for a widget”? If you sell “widgets,” you should promote “widgets” so that people who want to purchase “widgets” can find you.

Why Don’t Search Engines Like This?

Search engines are in the business of information. In particular, search engines provide useful responses to questions. These techniques are detrimental to the relevance and utility of search engines. The search engine whose results have become irrelevant is defunct and should be shut down. No one will use that search engine, no one will click on their advertisements, no one will want to purchase or display their advertisements, and no one will eventually want to invest in them. Search engines safeguard their investments and their future by ensuring that their results continue to be relevant and useful.

How to Hire a Competent SEO Expert

Let’s first examine some of the indications of a possible blackhat SEO marketer.

-Do not hire the company if you hear anything similar to “we guarantee top placement.” A competent SEO marketer cannot guarantee a high ranking any more than a broker can guarantee a high return. They can only perform a good job or not.
-Do not hire the company if the representative discusses the benefits of Meta Tags. Meta Tags are extremely obsolete in search engine marketing (SEM).
– Obtain a list of past clients and examine their websites and rankings. Do not hire them if their current rankings are low or if their clients’ websites appear to have spammy or little content.
– Be wary if your first contact with the SEO company is an unsolicited phone call or email. Why? SEO is not an aggressive form of marketing. SEO is the art and science of providing users with exactly what they were seeking. It is responding to a request regarding a need by meeting that need. In a sense, it is a completely passive marketing strategy, as it is only activated when someone actively seeks it. Be cautious of aggressive-appearing search engine marketers.

My pet peeve is telemarketers who call to inform us that we are not at the top of search engine results but that they can “help” us. Assuredly, we rank first for each and every keyword we’ve ever seriously targeted. As soon as they learn that we rank first, they demand to know which keywords we rank highly for. Such valuable keyphrases should not be offered for such a low price. I politely terminate these calls.

These are some characteristics of a good SEO marketer.

-A good SEO marketer will insist on content and possibly structure changes to the website. -A good marketer will thoroughly research the keywords or phrases they will be targeting to ensure that they are relevant to the people trying to find you.
Good SEO marketers will likely charge a recurring fee for their services. Due to the fact that the Internet is a growing, organic network, web marketing is a continuous process.

A competent SEO should be able to provide you with client names and websites from several years ago that you can find online. If you are uncertain, feel free to contact the site’s owners for clarification.

There are so few quick fixes in life. As in all endeavors, diligence and perseverance pay off, whereas those seeking a “quick buck” typically obtain just that. If you are serious about your online business or the ongoing “findability” of your website, investing in long-term strategies for search engine success is an absolute must. In any case, search engines will not disappear anytime soon.

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