Five Ways To Maintain Fitness While Using A Computer

Have you ever spent several hours at your computer? I refer to extended periods of time. Have you skipped lunch? Have you eaten at your desk? How productive are you if you never take a break? Have you ever felt exhausted after a day of work?

The majority of individuals spend between eight and ten hours per day working on their computers. That’s forty to fifty hours per week. People are working ever harder. They believe they are productive by working continuously throughout the day. Some individuals believe they are more productive. However, our bodies are built for movement. Your muscles become rigid due to the extensive computer use. Your body begins to tire. Your productivity consequently begins to decline.

How can you revitalize your body? How can you increase your productivity? Here are five ways to stay in shape while using a computer.

1. Stretch your muscles. Raise your hands above your head and reach for the ceiling while standing. Hold this position for five seconds. Then repeat it three times more.

2. Shoulder rotations To loosen your shoulders, stand up and bring one arm backwards, followed by the other. Several times.

3. How is your neck doing? Sit upright with your head held high. Relax your neck. Touch your right ear to your right shoulder with care. Maintain for 5 seconds. Then, place the left ear on the left shoulder. Maintain for 5 seconds. Repetition three times.

4. You have only one back. Take proper care of it. Stretch out your back while seated in your chair. Slowly flex the upper portion of your body between the knees. Hold for five seconds, then sit up. Repeat three times more.

5. Inhale, Inhale, Inhale Take in and out a few slow, deep breaths.

By staying in shape, physical activity is required. You will get your blood flowing. You will gain mental clarity and be more productive. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon, take a break. You have the choice. Choose to increase your productivity.

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