Faith’s Influence On Your Online Business

On the Internet, how many millions of websites are there? Who is to say? However, one thing is certain: behind each domain is a man, woman, or business seeking to achieve its own financial objectives.

The trick with an article title like this one is that by including the word “faith” in the title, many people will assume it is about religion. With that said, it is critical to emphasize that this article is NOT about religion.

This article is about “faith,” which is a completely distinct concept from religion.

Do you trust your children to always do the right thing? This type of “faith” is a “unwavering belief” in your children’s character and integrity. That, my friend, is not a “religious belief.”

Do you believe tomorrow morning’s sun will rise in the East? This type of “faith” entails a “absolute belief” in natural processes.

The Sun’s Teaching Ability

I am not referring to “faith” in Ra, the Egyptian sun god, or Apollo, the Greek sun god. As I previously stated, this is not a religious article. Rather than that, this article is about faith and the principles of faith.

Consider how you feel about the sun for a moment. Each night as you retire to bed, you know without a doubt that the sun will rise the next day. You are well aware that if it is dark outside, it will only be a matter of hours before the sun’s light illuminates your day.

Consider how confident you are in the prospect of the sun rising tomorrow morning to illuminate another day. While clouds may obscure the sun from our direct view, they cannot completely block the sun’s light. While those clouds may cloud our skies, they cannot keep the sun from rising.

If I had told you that the sun would not rise tomorrow morning, you would have immediately recognized me as a fool.

Thus, how can you confidently regard me as a fool if I were to state that the sun would not rise tomorrow morning?

Consider for a moment, for the sake of argument, the absolute certainty in your heart and mind that the sun will rise tomorrow morning.

What you are experiencing right now is what it truly means to have “faith.”

An Irrefutable Belief

As a child, I recall hearing stories about people who had an unwavering belief that things would work out in their favor. I once heard about a preacher who possessed unfathomable faith. Yes, I am referring to a preacher, but I am not discussing religion.

The preacher had informed his friends that he would be leaving the following Friday for a trip. However, his friends recognized that he truly lacked the funds for such a trip, and they informed the preacher of this fact.

The preacher assured them that he would receive the funds necessary for his trip. Poverty-stricken and devout, this man possessed genuine faith, even an unbreakable certainty, that his journey would become possible. It was not a question of “if” he could obtain the funds for his trip; it was a matter of “he will obtain the funds” in time for his trip.

On Thursday, the day before his scheduled trip, one of his friends inquired as to whether he had received payment for the trip. The preacher politely declined, but assured his friend that he would obtain the funds in time for his trip.

Indeed, Friday morning arrived, and his friend produced sufficient funds to ensure the preacher’s trip went off without a hitch.

You Say You are Cheating?

The preacher’s faith was rewarded, as was his planned trip. True, in this instance, the preacher’s friend came through to demonstrate his faith. And one could argue that the result was not the result of an act of “reliable” faith.

However, as I observe the lives of those I know, I see the principle of faith at work.

Frequently, I hear people say to me, “Clinton, this month our sales will increase by 20%.” And then it occurs.

“Clinton, my business will generate a quarter million dollars in sales this year,” people tell me, and then it happens.

My mentors have taught me that the first step toward success is setting measurable goals and having an unwavering faith that those goals will be realized.


For years, I believed that this whole faith thing was a load of nonsense. Then, one day, I convinced myself that I was capable of achieving a specific goal. Because things were going well, I decided to earn $500 per month online to supplement my family’s limited financial resources.

My faith was unwavering; I knew instantly that I would earn $500 that month and each subsequent month. Then it occurred.

Yes, I was able to develop an unbreakable faith in myself as a result of my small goal, and then achieve that small goal. I promptly forgot about my newly discovered manifestation of faith.

As many others have done, I expressed gratitude to chance for delivering the goods when I finally learned and manifested the principle of faith for the first time.

Understanding The Efficacy Of Faith In My Online Business

I looked back one day and realized that chance may not have been a factor in my previous success. I considered the possibility that, after all, faith might have played a role. As a result, I established a new objective. And then I strengthened my faith by cultivating the conviction that my desires would come true. I set a goal of earning as much money from my online business as I did from my day job each week. I gradually increased my confidence over the next few weeks.

The light simply came on one day. I knew in my heart that my objective would be accomplished. At that point, I realized I had an unwavering belief in my ability to accomplish my goal.

Within a few days, my online sales began to grow to the level necessary to achieve my stated goal.

The Human Condition

Unbreakable faith had saved me twice previously, and yet I waited another six months before attempting again. So quickly do we forget and revert to a state of disbelief.

My wife and I had discussed taking a family vacation, but we lacked the funds to do so. Within a few days, I realized that the power of faith could provide a family vacation for my family, and so I resolved to earn $12,000 to pay for an unforgettable vacation.

This time, I was not required to prepare myself to accept faith in the fulfillment of my desire. I made the decision in that moment to earn the money necessary for our family getaway.

How did it go?

My business earned $18,000 in pure profit over the next seven days. My family and I truly had the vacation of a lifetime.

Reminiscing About The Sunrise

When you master the art of manifesting the power of faith in your own life and business, you will reap the benefits of faith as well.

Regardless of how you define success and goals in your own life, they will come true if you choose to believe with unwavering faith that they will become a reality.