Excellent Hotel Marketing Begins with a Well-Designed Hotel Website

If you are unaware of it, your occupancy rates will be a constant source of disappointment. In today’s world, the most critical component of hotel marketing is a well-designed hotel website.

Why Should a Hotel Website Be Designed?

The numbers speak for themselves. Online channels will generate nearly a third of all hotel revenue in 2007. Additionally, the Internet influences over half of your target audience’s decision-making. Over a third of hotel guests conduct online research before booking, but book through another channel. The remainder conducted research via an Internet portal before attempting to book directly with the travel provider.

Without a well-designed hotel website, it’s as if you printed 1,000 beautiful, four-color, ten-page brochures for ten dollars each that brilliantly captured the unique nature of your hotel and then locked them away in a cupboard. How effective are they likely to be? While the “look and feel” is critical for enticing visitors to explore your hotel product and guiding them to purchase, without the appropriate technology, site structure, and navigation methods, you will generate only marginal online revenue.

Hotel Seo

Even if you have an exquisite hotel website design, if no one finds it when they search online for “luxury San Diego hotels,” “romantic B&B outside Paris,” or “adventure scuba holiday in the Maldives,” it’s as if you don’t have a website at all.

Search engine optimization is how potential guests will find your hotel website. SEO is both an art and a science – and it should not be left to amateurs. Search engine optimization techniques will increase the visibility of your hotel website in search engine results – a critical component of effective online hotel marketing.

Consider the Following:

When selecting a marketing company to design your hotel website, ensure that they understand and adhere to the following objectives:

* Increasing qualified, quality visitor traffic * Incentivizing visitors to explore your hotel website in greater detail * Converting visitors to online hotel revenue

Too frequently, hotel websites are developed in reverse, with an emphasis on design rather than on website traffic generation. The trick is to strike a balance between traffic generation effectiveness, the site’s “look and feel,” and conversion techniques in order to create a hotel web site that looks great and generates plenty of bookings.

Locate a Hotel Website Design Firm

Nowadays, Internet design and marketing firms specialize. To maximize your return on investment, it’s best to work with a hotel website design company. Ascertain that their approach adheres to the guidelines below – if not, continue shopping. The business should:

* Identify your visitors’ expectations and intentions * Collaborate with you to define your own objectives * Create a revenue conversion strategy for your hotel website * Identify site components that meet both design and search engine optimization goals * Map our “click paths” to conversion

Your hotel’s website design and search engine optimization are the two critical components of generating the type of traffic that will keep your occupancy rates skyrocketing!

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