Entrepreneurship: The Great American Dream Or A Nightmare?

How frequently have you wished for a more fulfilling life? Perhaps you simply want to accomplish more, or perhaps it is your wish or dream to leave a lasting legacy for your family’s future generations. Have you, like so many Americans, made a good faith effort to write down your “Goals” and then put them off until tomorrow? By now, I’m sure you’ve realized that “Tomorrow Never Comes”.

America is regarded by many other countries as the land of opportunity, new ideas, and hope, and this is still true in many ways sixty years later.

Millions of Americans who spend their working lives trapped in cubicles dream of starting their own business, and the odds are that the majority will continue to do so. Why is that? For the majority, it’s fear of the unknown, or they’re simply afraid to give up their regular paycheck. One thing is certain: there is a great deal of entrepreneurial fantasy out there. Is self-employment and being your own boss the Great American Dream or your worst nightmare?

Nothing truly prepares us for the “real world.” If your parents were like mine, you were taught to work hard in school, earn good grades, find a good paying job, and take advantage of all the benefits that came with it. The world has changed significantly since those days, with many major corporations “downsizing” or “outsourcing” to cheaper overseas labour markets, and as a result, many Americans now find themselves falling far short of their expectations. According to a senior police officer, FEAR is today’s most serious crime in America. Never allow fear of getting it wrong or making a mistake to keep you from achieving your goals. That is an offence! The only individuals who never make a mistake are those who do nothing. That is all!

Numerous factors contribute to the failure of new businesses. There are three primary reasons for this: (1) a lack of planning, (2) laziness, and (3) arrogance. All of the world’s most successful people appear to make the most of the two most valuable gifts we have been given: our minds and our time. They make excellent use of these. The difference between success and failure is determined by our mental state. If you believe that someone else should take care of everything for us simply because we deserve it, you will fail. If, on the other hand, you truly believe you are the master of your own destiny, there is no limit to what you can accomplish as long as you have the necessary knowledge.

Is it truly necessary to choose between the two? I recently hosted a workshop for new business owners, and almost every single one of them had funded their big dream paycheck by paycheck. They have leveraged their jobs to achieve success. They had all recognized the critical nature of establishing and developing their markets prior to venturing into the great unknown. The success of the majority of businesses is contingent upon the sale of a product or service to others who require or desire it. Therefore, why would you want to leave your current job if you have a captive market?

For the majority of people, starting their own business is a distant dream; perhaps they will win the lottery or a wealthy relative will die and leave them the money necessary to secure the life they desire.

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