Enhance Your Forum’s Appearance For The Holidays

If you manage a message board community, the lively banter between members is essential to the site’s success. Without conversation, your website will perish quickly. You cannot police your forum and respond to every post, but as an administrator, there are a few things you can do to get things moving again.

Hold a competition.

Who doesn’t enjoy winning something, anything? You don’t need to spend a lot of money, and the winner’s prize can be as simple as a magazine subscription, a free one-year membership to your website, or an electronic gift card. Want to make it big? Find a merchant willing to sponsor a gift; in exchange for their contribution, provide them with free advertising on your website for a predetermined time period.


Update your icons.

The same old, unremarkable icons will certainly induce yawns. Alter the situation by exchanging one set of icons for another. Icons with a holiday motif are a favorite.

Change your wallpaper or theme.

Holiday-themed backgrounds that generate a warm glow in the hearts of your members are the most effective way to retain your visitors. Put away the drab, antiseptic backgrounds and give your forums some holiday flair.

Cyber Grab Bag.

No, I have not yet tried this. However, I am aware of websites where members participate in Secret Santa. This can take the form of an unexpected email, an electronic gift, or a donation to the recipient’s preferred charity.

There are numerous alternative ways to get your website back online. Utilize the holiday season to generate a plan that will generate interest in your website. If unsure of what to do next, consult your members; they will know!

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