Elements of a Strong Backlink

Frequently, your site will acquire backlinks without your request. This article does not discuss such hyperlinks. Instead, we concentrate on the links you can directly control and request.

Furthermore, this article does not discuss backlinks from paid advertisements such as Google ads. These types of links typically carry little weight in the eyes of search engines.

A solid backlink consists of three elements.

By “solid,” I mean a backlink that not only generates click-through traffic but also improves your search engine rankings.

The three factors are:

1. Select effective placements for links
2. Make it irresistible to search engines
3. Make it irresistible to potential customers

1. Choose a good location

There are an infinite number of websites from which you can obtain a link. They can range from general website directories to websites for coaching organizations to personal blogs.

Here are the primary considerations:

First, present your link to your intended audience.

</b> Request backlinks from websites with a similar audience to your own.

b>After that, choose credible websites. </b>

When reputable websites link to your site, search engines will take note. They will increase your site’s “worth” and rankings.

For instance, a link from a “quick and easy to set up” web page on myspace.com will be less valuable than a link from the “well-established” home page on msn.com.

Thirdly, you should place your link on high-traffic websites as opposed to low-traffic websites.


BUT… keep in mind that low-traffic websites can be valuable if their audience matches yours.

Finally, select websites that prominently feature your link.

Consider the placement of your link on the page. A link at the top of an uncluttered web page is preferable to a link at the bottom of a lengthy and cluttered page.

It is preferable because it will receive more clicks, and search engines generally give more “credit” to links at the top of a page than those at the bottom.

2. Optimize it for search engines.


Use simple text links whenever possible.

Simple text links are the most common type of link on the Web; they are denoted by text that is underlined and colored differently (typically blue) than the surrounding text.

Text links are advantageous since:

• They are straightforward for search engines to find and follow. This facilitates incorporation into search engine databases.
• Search engines can easily identify the keywords to associate with this link. This improves your position for those keywords.

Other links such as image links, Java-Script links, Flash links, and dynamic links are undesirable because they are difficult to follow and are frequently associated with S-PAM-mers.

Then, include your primary keywords in the text link. Including the keywords of your website in your text link will increase your website’s ranking for those keywords.

Lastly, you are frequently permitted to include a description with your link to further describe your website. This description text is also an excellent location for your keywords.

Make it irresistible to potential customers.

We have previously discussed how to please search engines. But if we are unable to make the link appealing to those who see it, we will lose out on good traffic.

Here are some tips to increase the number of clicks on your link:

• Include the primary benefit or problem you solve in the text surrounding the link in easily readable sentences.
• Provide something free to encourage people to click on your link. This could be an article, a report, an evaluation, a newsletter, or an ebook.
• Keep it straightforward, simple, and easy to read. Avoid keyword stuffing around the link.
• If your backlink will be on a page with other competing coaches, be sure to highlight the unique aspects of your services to stand out.

<b>An example.


Executive coaches are listed at dmoz.org/Business/Management/Consulting/Executive Coaching/.
This page contains links and explanations.

This directory is advantageous because it contains text links, and you can also provide a keyword-rich description to improve your search engine rankings.

Also note that this page is lengthy and contains numerous listings. It can look like a big blur.

The only incentive to click is a complimentary consultation. How about a free article discussing something intriguing that can be downloaded immediately?

Let’s conclude…

Remember these three keys: choose an excellent location, make it appealing to search engines, and make it irresistible to visitors. By doing so, your backlinks will become solid anchors that attract potential customers to your website.

Now you understand why backlinks are beneficial and how to create one.

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