Driving Bolts

Is it driving you? I guess not. Similar to the air we breathe, screws are tiny objects that we take for granted on a daily basis. In order to see what a screw looks like, please invert your keyboard or mouse. That’s right! It is the silver-colored component that adorns the edges of common electronic devices.

Typically, screws serve as fasteners for mounting and for locking two adjacent cases to protect the device’s inner core. Recently, plastic screws have evolved and are now commonly used for mounting electronic circuit boards to take advantage of their insulation properties.

The classification of screws does not include either metal or plastic. They are categorized according to the shape of the slot on the head and the threading.

There are typically two categories of screws. There are wood screws and metal screws. How do we tell them apart? Metal screws have a pitch with significantly greater distances between them than wood screws. When a hole has been drilled into the metal surface prior to screw installation, metal screws are utilized. A wood screw is not a screw made from wood, but rather a screw designed for use with wood. This type of screw has a closer pitch interval than metal screws. It has a pointed bottom as well. In order to install wood screws, the screw must be used to drill into the wooden surface.

A further classification of screws is based on the type of head slot they possess. Phillips screws, Standard Slotted screws, Hex key screws, and Pozidriv screws are the most common types of fasteners available at your local hardware store. There are also Torx, Robertson, Tri-wing, Torque-set, and Spanner heads. These screws are frequently utilized in consumer electronics such as televisions, DVD players, digital media players, mobile phones, etc. This type of screw is utilized by businesses for security purposes. This is to discourage unauthorized tampering with the device, as it is difficult and expensive to find screwdrivers that fit these screws. Possessing the proper equipment to open these items indicates that the individual is qualified and experienced enough to do so.

This is intended to give you a general idea of the screw. If you might need one, I recommend bringing a sample to the hardware store to ensure a perfect fit, as installing the wrong size and type of screws could cause your enclosure to break and crack, which could be problematic.

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