Do You Retain Your Micro-Customers?

An important question, particularly for newly established computer consulting professionals, is: “I have a few smaller clients with two to five PCs.” Given that they are geographically close, willing to pay our hourly rate, and understand that I can schedule them as I see fit, is it possible to retain them as clients? I’d hate to lose this income until I establish myself with additional larger clients.

Are Micro Clients Consuming an Excessive Amount of Your Time?

This is more of a problem of concentration and time management than anything else. If you can find a way to fit everything in, that’s even better. Remember that you’ll need time to send direct mail campaigns, make follow-up phone calls, attend expos, host seminars, network, etc.

Do not devote the only extra time you have in a given week to servicing smaller computer consulting clients who are unlikely to expand significantly over the following year or two.

Schedule Time for Marketing Expenses

Numerous computer consulting professionals have told us that it is extremely difficult to find the time to read marketing books and learn other new skills, as well as put them into practice.

So long as you have sufficient time to devote to the marketing of your computer consulting business and the service of your ideal clients, it is acceptable.

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